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And lack of patience. The pair of them worked well together. Heck, they worked great together, yet he had been showing up late for work least a couple times per week the past month. It had been progressively getting worse, and she had had just about enough of it. Instead of simply going off on her shift without him and letting him play catch up, she had decided to come get to the bottom of this.

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Nick Wilde frowned as he heard the sound of someone at the door of his house.

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He didn't usually have many visitors, so Walking over and opening the door, he found himself looking down at the shorter form of his soon-to-be-partner Judy Hopps. She looked around, noting the spartan furnishings of a single guy.

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And I hope you realize that bit of acting responsibly is your fault," he grinned. Judy giggled. Couldn't have done it without you. I don't think you're I can't tell you how sorry I am for making you feel that way. Nick shrugged again. Maybe partnering with a cute little pufftail like you will do wonders for my public image.

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I came by," she crossed her arms and fixed him with her dark violet eyes. Which, may I add, you were not ," she smirked. For several moments, Nick didn't say anything. Finally, he began laughing.

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She paused, embarassed. It's the first one I've had since I became an adult and I need sex and I need it now. My cunt has stayed so wet that I've soaked through six sanitary p since this morning. And if I don't take care of this soon, it'll just get worse, and then I'm going to be completely useless.

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You want reasons? First, I'm in heat.

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Second, we're both single. Third, we're different species so you can't get me pregnant. Fourth, I looked at your bloodwork and you're clean. Fifth, I can't risk my reputation as a peace officer by getting caught trolling one of the heat streets. I literally need this. A few moments later, she pulled it back out, and Nick could see the glimmer of wetness on her fingertips. She walked slowly towards him, and soon the scent wafting off her hand hit his nose. It didn't smell much Zootopia sex fanfic a female fox's juices, but it was similar enough for his cock to stiffen in his pants.

I don't want you falling in love or anything. We'll just be -- ". Now can we get started? He tilted his head and headed into the bedroom, Judy right on his heels. He peeled off his t-shirt and turned around, only to be surprised that Judy had already stripped down to her bra and panties. Within a few more seconds, even those were gone, and he got his first-ever look at a naked rabbit. She was much shorter than him, which he'd known, but very well proportioned for her size.

Her breasts seemed perfect on her frame, and now that she wasn't wearing any pants or underwear, he could really smell her.

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His cock gave Zootopia sex fanfic twinge, then he pulled down the sweatpants he'd been wearing and stepped out of them, grinning when Judy gasped upon seeing his iron hard shaft. Nick wasn't overly well-endowed, pretty much exactly average for a fox, but he was a completely different body type than her.

She stared at it, transfixed. He hadn't been lying, earlier; he did consider the rabbit a friend, and didn't want to hurt her, emotionally or otherwise. She darted her eyes in a straight horizontal line from his crotch to the bed, then grinned. His bed was set on risers which elevated the mattress to the perfect height for rear entry intercourse, which was the way most female foxes preferred it. Being almost two feet shorter, obviously Judy's legs weren't long enough for her feet to come near the floor, but it meant they wouldn't have to struggle with any difficult positioning caused by their different heights.

The needy female sprang onto the bed, the motion making her breasts bounce enticingly. As Nick stepped forward, she rolled over onto her front and scooted backwards until her thighs hung over the edge of the mattress, putting her nearly-dripping sex in exactly the right place.

Nick paused for a moment. I need that cock! With his right hand, he drew the head of his cock up and down her labia several times, eliciting irritated whines from her. Feeling the head of his shaft notch into position at the entrance of her body, Nick took a Zootopia sex fanfic breath. For several moments nothing happened, then he popped past the tight ring of muscle at her opening and heard a loud gasp from Judy. Keeping up his firm but gentle pressure, he continued his plunge into the tightest cunt he'd ever felt, barely hearing Judy's loud moans over the heartbeat thudding in his ears.

Finally, and surprisingly, he felt his abdomen hit her buttocks and knew he was fully inside her. Panting, he felt the rabbit's velvet wetness rippling around his sensitive cock like a glove five sizes too small. Judy was whining in pleasure; finally having a male inside her was beginning to quell the mindless lust that she'd been dealing with since waking up.

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I'm not I've never had a cock this big before Nick barely heard Zootopia sex fanfic, his brain on fire with the sensations her body was causing, along with the different-but-similar pheromones of a female in heat. All he was focused on was fucking the female until he came, breeding her. Driven by the fox's relentless pace, the climax seemed to go on and on, and when it ended, she immediately felt another one building. Their tendency to be multiply orgasmic had helped propagate the myth that rabbit girls were "easy", but as she got ready to cum for the second time in less than a minute, Judy honestly couldn't have cared less about her species' reputation.

Pressing her face into the mattress, she cried out as more spasms of bliss racked her body, again feeling a new surge of rapture starting as this one finished. Behind and above her, she could hear Nick gasping and growling; he wasn't saying anything intelligible, or if he was, he wasn't making any sense. Sounded like 'not you' Judy's eyes widened as she realized what he meant. For a moment, she was consumed with sheer terror, her fight-or-flight reflex raising its head; in the next moment, another toecurling thrust made the rabbit decide she didn't give a damn about anything except feeling him shoot his load into her depths.

Cum inside me! Knot me! Judy's eyes shot wide open at the incredible sensation of fullness as the bulbis glandis entered her body, and then she felt the first jet of cum splash against her cervix. That did it. She threw her head back and wailed like a lost soul as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her young life, the most powerful orgasm she could even imagine. The waves of indescribable rapture crested and broke repeatedly, the climax seeming to last and last as the muscular walls of her cunt massaged and Zootopia sex fanfic Nick's cock of what seemed like all the semen his balls contained.

United in ecstasy, the pair's orgasms fed off each other, the throbbing of Nick's cock stimulating the continuance of Judy's, while the rippling of her sheath drew his out even longer than usual. Finally though, the bliss ended, and an exhausted Nick fell forward, barely gaining awareness in time to catch himself on his elbows and not land on the smaller female beneath him. Feeling the heat of Nick's chest near her back, Judy smirked; apparently this had been good for him, as well. They were still locked together by his knot, but she was beyond caring as the afterglow suffused through her body.

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After another Zootopia sex fanfic, the fog in his brain started to clear. I hurt you? They fell into silence, waiting for his knot to deflate. Judy gasped as he left her body, the sense of emptiness almost disagreeable. She blushed as she felt their combined love juices pouring out. She rolled over, exposing her breasts to his gaze again, and amazingly, he felt his cock give a small twitch at the sight. Apparently, she was feeling something similar, since her small pink tongue darted out to lick her lips as she looked at his flaccid shaft.

Nick pointed, and she took another wipe from his hand, holding it against her opening to contain more leakage as she waddled across the room. The sound of urination came a few moments later, then water running in the sink after the toilet flushed. A minute later, Judy walked back in, a bit unsteady on her feet and yawning as well.

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