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Discover erotic man-on-man passion no matter where you are or when you are. Melody Lewis, Dara Tulen and Bernadette Russo present to you 4 stories of the hottest man action in the most exotic locales and fantastic situations throughout space and time. In the middle ages, a young lad named Gabe plots an assassination to avenge his sisters death.

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The story concerns itself with Camille, a young man from a comfortable family, who hears Teleny, a genius pianist, performing at a concert. Then a heavy hand seemed to be laid upon my lap; something which clasped and grasped, and made me feel faint with lust.

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Later, Camille overhears Teleny talking with friends and fellow musicians. He says his performance was his finest because he felt someone was listening. The book is a beautifully illustrated story of the love of one man for another, ripe with all the barriers to such love in a strict unforgiving society.

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Camille leaves before the end of the concert because the music is so fine he wants to preserve it. Camille feels he must forget about Teleny but finds him when he and his mother visit to a conservatory that looks a lot like Kew Gardens.

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When he cannot resolve his love he stands at a pool contemplating suicide. Are you mad?

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He thinks the note came from the countess who lusted after Teleny and imagines them together. He later realizes it was written by Bryancourt, a jealous dandy who keeps a harem of boys in a voluptuous set of rooms. Victorian queens are just as nasty your last boyfriend. The story shows us this private Victorian pleasure palace in lurid, tumescent detail.

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After talking about separating and the hurtful prospects of one finding another man, they fall into another fit of passion. I was hardly drained of the last drop before I was likewise bathed. Our sightless eyes saw each other no more for we fell into that divine prostration which follows shattering ecstasy.

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At that moment if seemed as if we were floating somewhere between heaven and earth, not thinking that everything that has a beginning has an end. Find a comfortable chair and plan to go slowly so you can luxuriate in the gorgeous sensuality and emotional subtlety of profound love between two men in an England that believed such love was scum.

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September About: Chuck Forester. Currently a writer of poetry memoirs and fiction; wears T-shirts and jeans. Related posts:.

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