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Its been about a couple months since Anakin was taken by Abigor and no of him since then which worried both the Republic and the Jedi. To my most Loyal Guest Reviewer I'm surprised you didn't say anything about that last chapter. Figured you would have loved that. In those two months the Star Forge proved a far greater asset then originally predicted. Not only able to create ships of every de of not only the Republic but every other ship that Sean's allies used.

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But also able to create materials needed for certain projects Sean was developing and helping create more Jaegers for battle. We must act quickly. But who to send?

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Commander Kruger still fights with his apprentice on Dantooine. I suggest that we give him special command of your space forces since General Skywalker has Like Anakin he has exceptional skill will be quite useful. I haven't been a part of the war since Dooku invaded Earth. And you let Ahsoka in the action and she was more green then me.

You all know what to do. The success of your mission is our key to a swift victory.

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When you get into position, send word, as planned I will you. All from Halo.

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It is maturity. I said this same thing to Anakin when he was still a Padawan but the decision has been made. May the force be with you Soon the fleet came out of hyperspace before they found a large amount of Droid platforms around the planet before sending out Droid fighters.

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You know something funny. In the cartoon it made it look like both sides were evenly matched in s.

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Yet in the Clone wars tv series they said the Republic was outed. Does anyone find that odd. On the ground several Droid tanks and battle droids fired at them.

Chapter 10

Thats another thing. In the cartoon we see almost every tank and droid after the second movie. Yet in the TV series we don't see those Spider Tanks or the rolling tanks. Only to get ambushed by Zin Commandos and Droids from above.

They encountered a few tanks and Zin before they found their objective. A large cannon that was keeping their forces at bay.

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A grappling hook caught on the top of the building where a droid saw and looked down only to get his head blasted off. The Spartans came up and started blasting every Droid and Zin in sight before they were all dead. Turok continued to lead his forces in space against the Separatists before Jetfire blew up one of the enemy cruisers.

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Thats one less problem we have to I always found it funny when they said stuff like this in the Tv series from first to present. Thankfully there were no civilians here. The Republic is breaking through. What are we going to do?

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Whenever your ready. Not Cross from Prototype. Outside was a large of Assassin Droids. After the fall of the Hutts a large of them were sent to others for other uses. Cross walked outside before a Droid handed him a lance before getting on his speeder and drove it into the city with his droids. The Republic army continued to push through into the city before one of the clones fired a rocket at a tank and blew it up.

From the smoke Cross and his droids drove through before slaughtering the men and blowing up the tanks. Cross rammed right into one of the clone tanks making it blow up before advancing on the Heavy cannons. However one clone who was on higher ground started shooting at him only for Cross to throw a knife right into his head killing him instantly. We're losing the Heavy cannons! Cross looked and saw Clones and Gears on Speeders with Kenobi with a clone helmet on leading them.

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Kenobi's forces proved to be the better fighters in this battle as his men slew the droids with ease. Cross and Kenobi charged at one another before Kenobi's helmet was destroyed and his lance before he took out his lightsaber and destroyed his speeder but he survived before he charged again only for Cross to grab his speeder and wrecked it before Obi-Wan jumped and stabbed him in the chest where the heart was. You can only be harmed by weapons of magic and not science.

I'm just difficult to kill regardless of the weapon in question. While I would have preferred to kill one of the last Krugers for the suffering Abigor put me through. I'll settle for you since your order is similar to the clan. Cross then pulled out a whip with a spiked club on the end only for Obi-Wan to slice it making him pull out his guns but they got destroyed as well. Inside the Banking clan were observing the battle before the ceiling exploded and Locke and his men jumped down and destroyed the droids with ease before Kenobi jumped down.

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I was actually repulsed by this during the cartoon. Noble 1 had a Spartan Laser on his shoulder smoking. We just lost gold Squadron! Ventress's fighter. Take out the rest of the platforms.

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This one is mine. This guy came in and took out an entire squadron in a second. But you must let go of that ship. It's baiting you. I've already got his coordinates.

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At the very least It could lead to a possible Separatist base we'll need to take care of. You can't keep treating him like a. A boy ran up a hill as the sounds of explosions was heard before he widened his eyes seeing the Separatists and the Republic fighting each other. Sean swung his Star Saber destroying a large of Droids and Zin before his Apprentice Rey and her green lightsaber cut through the rest. Creates small earthquakes and craters.

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Sean landed in front of the boy before looking at him as his helmet went into his suit before putting his sword on his back before the boy offered his canteen making him smile before taking a quick drink and handed it back to him before jumping back to the others. A rogue fighter attacked his forces in space and he took off after him.

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So this is Yavin 4. Master Windu told me about this planet. Actually looks like a decent place to set a base. And it was.

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I'm a little disappointed we never saw how they were forced to retreat from the planet in the original Saga movies. The person removed his cloak revealing a girl about a year younger than him. She had long silver back length hair golden eyes and Tan skin. Who are you? Picture the Ebony blade of skyrim you find behind that door in Whiterun.

Turok was the first to hit her blade but unsurprisingly her blade withheld against his being forged from magic. Sofia kicked him back into a tree before trying to strike him but he dodged making the tree fall over before using the force to launch the trees at her but she sliced them apart with ease.