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It all started when I was The family next door had 3. My best friend Brad and his to older sisters. Brad was my best friend at the time. I went next door one day after school to hang out with Brad.

About me

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with a pantyhose addiction. My first memories of it was finding a pair of tights that were my sisters hanging in the bathroom next to her leotard. Curiosity got the better of me, and I had to try those clothes on.

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I pulled the tights on, and they felt nice, then I slipped the leotard on and it was great. I really enjoyed the way these clothes felt. For the rest of the night I thought about that experience and wondered what else women wore that felt nice like the leotard and tights did. The next day I went snooping into my mothers room, and as I dug through her drawers I found all kinds of interesting things, but what really caught my attention was her pantyhose drawer. I started picking up different pairs and running them through my fingers experiencing all the wonderful sensations.

Once in my room I pulled off my pants and underwear and began pulling the pantyhose on.

Sister's pantyhose

It felt amazing, so much better then the tights that my sister wore. I laid on my bed for several hours just rubbing my legs and feet together as well as rubbing my legs with my hands as well.

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Looking in my mirror I was satisfied that no one would be able to tell. The rest of the day was a blur to me, I was lost in a daze of pantyhose bliss.

Everything I did reminded me of what I was wearing, and every move I made created new and wonderous sensations that were impossible to ignore. Now I understood why my mother wore pantyhose everyday from the moment she woke up until she went to sleep. So there I was, wearing pantyhose under my clothes and no one even knew it. After dinner I went into my room and took off my pants and socks so I could remove the pantyhose and get cleaned up.

Sitting there looking down at my legs covered in pantyhose I started feeling a little depressed that I had to take it off. Rubbing the pantyhose gently together with my feet, my hands started to wander as well caressing the beautiful fabric that covered my legs. Finally I stood up and started pulling the pantyhose off.

Once I got it off I stuck it under the mattress and looked down at my legs disgusted with what I saw. My legs were ugly, and I longed to put the pantyhose back on. I put my pants back on and went to shower, and as I cleaned myself I had all I could do to look at my legs and lower body.

Leaving the bathroom I practically ran to my room to get the pantyhose back on quicker. Pulling the hose out from under the mattress I worked it back on as quick as I could enjoying every second of the experience. Shrugging it off as my mind playing tricks on me I laid back and enjoyed the wonderful feelings the pantyhose gave me, and fell asleep. As I woke the next morning I thought to myself about the wonderful dream I had, and how I needed to go to my mothers room and see if she had any Sisters pantyhose stories I could try on.

Moving my legs on the bed to get up I am bombarded with sensations that make me lay back and moan in pleasure.

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Looking down at the pantyhose covering my legs I remember that it was not a dream, and I smile. Sitting at the edge of the bed I grab the waistband and begin to take it off but I remember that pantyhose is supposed to be worn at all times, and that if I am good and wear it all time I am rewarded for it.

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So I let go of the waistband and as it falls back to my skin the tingling sensations like a million little fingers caressing my legs start. Lost in extasy I decide that I am going to be good so the feelings continue. Putting on a pair of pants and socks I head to the kitchen for breakfast. Sitting next to my mother who is wearing a robe, with her pantyhose I wonder if she experiences the same thing when she is good and keeps the pantyhose on. Smiling about the secret that her and I share I give her a hug, and tell her that I love her.

She looks me over from head to foot and exclaims, you Sisters pantyhose stories been acting very strange since yesterday, are you sure there is nothing going on? It was strange though, it seemed as though the feelings were not as strong as they were the day before. After another exciting day, though not as exciting as the day before I needed to get cleaned up.

Sister's pantyhose

After all the next day was monday, and I had to go back to school. Putting on my pajamas I went back to my room, and laid down on my bed to enjoy the company of my pantyhose until I finally fell asleep. The next morning when I got up and started getting ready for school, my mind was in complete chaos.

Meanwhile the rest of me knew that I needed to take it off, and it was not a good idea to wear it to school.

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Finally trying to take control of the situation I grabbed the waistband and started to take it off. Feeling the tingling sensations starting back up again I really thought about leaving it on, but I tried one Sisters pantyhose stories time to remove it.

Fighting the voices in my head I pulled the pantyhose down and off my legs. I started crying as I started working it back onto my legs and finally let go of the waistband letting it drop back into place. Legs tingling with pleasure, and my hands and feet slowly and lightly caressing every inch of it, I continued to cry.

After a few minutes I composed myself and started putting on my school clothes over the pantyhose. Sitting at the table I felt lost in a daze as my legs were being caressed by the pantyhose that somehow seemed to take over my mind and body. Looking over at my mother she was dressed up in her work clothes which consisted of a skirt, pantyhose, low heels, and dress shirt, she seemed to be dazed out as well. Snapping out of it, she looked at me and saw me gazing down at her pantyhosed legs. Then walking back to her I gave her a hug, and picked up my bookbag and headed to the bus stop.

As I stood there waiting for the bus, I tried to figure out what was happening to me, but strange thoughts of obedience, and pleasure kept me distracted.

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Suddenly I realized I was chanting the same thing over and over. Relaxing a bit I saw my bus coming and picked up my bag to get on. Once the bus arrived at school, I found myself checking our all the girls, wondering why they too were not being good, why they did not have their pantyhose on. By the end of the day I was quite upset, very few women or girls were wearing their pantyhose.

No one wanted to be good, I found myself trying to understand why as I left to go home. And once I got home and sat down to do my homework I still had the same questions going through my head.

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After dinner I took a shower with my pantyhose of course I am good! Going into the kitchen my mother was sitting at the table looking at some papers, and as I passed by her she said I looked like someone that had alot on their mind. She got up from the table and as she approached me she lifted my shirt and saw the waistband of the pantyhose I had taken from her.

Snapping back out of it, she turned me around and looked at the tag on the pantyhose. The look on my mothers face said it all. I sat down on my bed and she turned around to give some privacy. Taking off my pajamas I grabbed the waistband and started to take the pantyhose off.

Once I got them off my legs I realized that I was chanting again, and my mother had ed in with me. Turning around she looked at me shaking and started to cry.

I am hoping we caught this soon enough that you have a chance. Please be strong and fight it. I was wrong not to share with others.

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Looking at my mother I thanked her, and she gave me a hug rubbing her hand down my pantyhosed leg. Then she got up and I laid down to go to sleep.

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A few weeks went by, and slowly the wonderful feelings started to fade away. Not quite understanding what was going on I decided to try talking to my mother about it. From the moment you put it on your legs it started becoming a part of you, and that part grew into a need, and then a form of a second skin.

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Hearing this confirmed what I already thought was true, but being told just made it even worse. Laying there on my bed I rubbed my legs together. I must admit it still felt nice, and my legs looked great, but it was nothing like it used to be.

I pulled the pantyhose off, instantly I started shaking, and I was at a complete loss. All I could think about was how a good girl always wore her pantyhose, and that I was nothing without it. My legs started getting a burning sensation and then Sisters pantyhose stories felt like they were on fire. I laid there for quite a while in agony, and must have been wimpering because suddenly I heard my mothers voice in the doorway of my room asking if I was ok.

I told her I was fine and to just leave me be. She said ok, and turned around to leave. A few minutes later I put my pantyhose back on, and cried myself to sleep.