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She is Eric 's cousin and is portrayed by Brittany Daniel. Penny Sigurdson is from Florida. Penny's mother is Kitty 's sister in-law, meaning Kitty has a brother because Paula has never had and Penny has Kitty's maiden name. Kitty was also present at Penny's birth. Eric and Penny used to pull pranks on each other when they were little, which included:.

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Eric's cousin Penny, who he used to tease a lot when they were kids, comes over for a visit. All the guys think she's very hot. Hey, guys? I'm thinking about getting a perm. Hyde, can I get the of your guy? I don't have a "guy," dumb-ass. This righteous moss is a gift from God. God gave me a perm, too, but he hit me below the belt.

What are you doing, Forman? My stupid Cousin Penny from Florida is coming this weekend And I'm done. He hit her with the old Ben Gay on the toothbrush Thank you. My favorite was when you trapped her in the revolving door at the library and kept spinning her. Yeah, she ralphed It spins in circles.

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That's its nature. It just Things have Good for you! And good for us. Oh, geez. You're so I am just so excited you're here. I have lots of free time these days, so I've gathered up some local foliage. And I thought we could have a long talk while we make our own potpourri! Well, thanks, Aunt Kitty, but right now I'd just like to catch up with Eric. Find out how he got so foxy.

Okay, you boys be nice. But not too nice. Penny, I know your last trip here I was kind of a jerk, and Oh, God, Eric! That was so long ago. Plus, I can't stay mad at you. You're too cute.

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Hey, Penny. I didn't recognize you without Eric's butt in your face. So, you guys ready for the movies? You can come too. I guess. Thanks, but this Wisconsin air is so dry I really should go inside and moisturize before I lose my tan. I have lotion. I think the best plan is for all of us to go to the movies Screw that, I'm gonna moisturize too. Come on. Let me show you to your room.

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What losers! Did you see them checking her out? You know, once when we were little she bit me, so I bit her back. And then she said, "Truce," so I said, "Okay. Yeah, we'll show Penny with our new sunlamp tans. How dare she come into our town and try to "out-hot" us. I know. I mean, we don't go to her town and try and "out-whore" her. Well, she can't just show up all hot, shaking her butt around our guys.

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If our guys are gonna fantasize about moisturizing anybody, it should be us. But we're not gonna let them do that, are we? Let's just hope it doesn't come to that.

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Have you seen that little stray cat that's been hanging around our house? Oh, yeah, I met him this morning.

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Then he met the hose. Kitty, we don't need more things hanging around our house. We already have Steven and Kelso Maybe I should get my own cat. I'm not working. I'm home all day. Here's my problem with cats. Best-case scenario: You get the smartest cat in the world.

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He still craps in your house. Well, it's just, it would be nice to have something to take care of. I'll tell you what, Kitty. Instead of getting a cat, why don't we all just stop flushing?

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It's the same thing! Guys, I'm getting some weirdness from Cousin Penny. Earlier, she gave me a hug, but this wasn't a cousin hug. Our middles touched. And not just for a second. She pressed. I've heard of "kissing cousins. Kelso, I appreciate the advice, but your solution to every problem is "do it with her.

Well, unfortunately, Penny is my cousin. That'd be like looking at my mom and thinking, "Hey, baby, how" I'm just gonna stop right there. I've thought that about your mom, but I didn't stop right there. This oughta keep you company during the week. Roy's Pet Store?

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Red, you got me a cat! Well, it's like a cat. A fish? Red, it's a fish. It's like a cat. Pets are called "pets" because you pet them. How do I pet this thing? Well, you just reach in and corner it and give it a rub.