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Raise your hand if you feel like you have grown up with the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley? Thought so. Ever since the days of Passport to ParisBillboard Dad and all their other brilliant Disney movies they're now available to stream on Netflix, FYI, if you're ever short of weekend plans Remember that George at Asda fashion range?

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These two were doing high street crossover style when Kate Moss's Topshop collaboration was just a glint in the supermodel's eye While these days their photo opportunities are few and far between which is probably why we can never wait to see what they'll be wearing for the Met Gala each year In celebration of our favourite Noughties fashion icons, we've put together a load of facts that you probably didn't already know about the famous sisters, covering everything from their net worth and their fashion label to their personal style icons to Ashley's middle name yes, she has one too and their collective love of vintage.

Grab an iced coffee, some over-sized sunglasses and prepare to celebrate the Noughties' most enduring duo The tiny tots use to the call the other actors on the show by their full names to avoid getting confused. Full House producers credited the twins as 'Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen' in early seasons of the television show. Apparently they didn't want people knowing Michelle Tanner was played by twins. In they were awarded a t star on the Olsen twins feet Walk Of Fame - the first twins to ever be recognised in such a way.

Well, kind of. The girls had to miss their high school prom to appear on Saturday Night Live. To make up for it, Fallon and Forte served as their dates in a prom themed sketch.

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We still loved it, just saying. Each to their own and all that.

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At Mary-Kate's New York nuptials 50 select guests had to hand in their mobile phones before enjoying dinner, cocktails and, erm, bowls of cigarettes. We love their muse Beatrix Ost. In fact Mary Kate recently admitted in a rare interview with Vogue, 'I've never purchased anything online'.

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Taking it's name from Savile Row, the twins started their fashion label The Row in in response to the question 'How could we make a perfect T-shirt in a great fabric that would fit any age? Think robes in the dressing room, free lunch and furniture borrowed from the girls' private apartments. Plus, their Melrose store comes complete with a full-size courtyard pool. Anyone for a dip? Not even joking.

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The museum was dedicated to the twins 'hiding from paparazzi' after discovering an artist had several paintings of them hiding from the paps. Not even the slightest bit jealous.

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The couple got married inand Mary-Kate recently filed for divorce. Everyone's tempted to do it sometimes, but it's just the worst thing you can do. I prefer to get ready with the lights off so I'm never even tempted to look at my skin!

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How To. Celebrity News. Grazia Magazine. Prev Next. Keeping Up With Kourtney And Travis. Gallery Mary-Kate and Ashley Facts. This means they are not actually identical. Who would have thought it? They created Dualstar Entertainment in The twins lost their baby teeth at different times so had to be fitted with fake teeth instead.

Mary-kate and ashley olsen opt for comfort over couture

The youngest self-made millionaires in American history, in fact. Jealous, us? It's Fuller. Mary-Kate and Ashley-Fuller isn't exactly as catchy Full House was filmed on the same stage as numerous iconic shows.

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This surely explains their Scandi levels of good looks. The twins launched a collection with Norwegian retailer Bik Bok in That's Attention Deficit Disorder to you and me. Their second clothing line, Elizabeth and James is named after their two siblings. Their brother James sold his classmates photos autographed by his famous siblings. To help tell the sisters apart, Mary-Kate had her hair tinted brown when they were younger. It is estimated that their net worth combined is million dollars.

Costumes of Royal India Pictured: Cher.

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Haute Couture Pictured: Princess Diana. Christian Dior Pictured: Iman.

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Gianni Versace Pictured: Salma Hayek. Cubism and Fashion Pictured: Sigourney Weaver.