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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience Naked boat rides suggest improvements. It was going to be a busy day. My best friend, Sarah, and I were going shopping for new swim suits. We had spent the last three weekends working on a boat that Sarah's boyfriend Steve had inherited. We planned to leave the next day to go to the lake. My boyfriend Mike worked as hard as the rest of us. Sarah and I spent most of the day trying on different styles and colors of swim suits.

In the changing rooms we compared cuts and colors. After a lot of debate Sarah settled on a short lace, blue two piece and mine was a red two piece. The top covered only my nipples and the bottom was a brief thong. We bought our new suits. We went back to Steve's house and finished cleaning up the inside of the boat. It has two beds with a thin curtain between the beds.

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By midnight Mike and I decided to go home and call it a day. We cleaned up and went to bed. I realized that Mike's penis was hard and dripping. I raised my leg and guided his hard penis inside my puss. After the usual struggling with his larger than plum-sized head, the rest slid in with one stroke. I guess I was as horny as he was. After we each had our orgasm we both went to sleep, looking forward to the coming week.

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That morning Mike and I got to Steve and Sarah's house I washed the sheets and curtain from the boat. Sarah and I got the living area cleaned up, once more.

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When the guys finished fiddling with the boat motors we all got into the truck and started the six hour drive to the lake. When we got to the lake we put the boat in the water and made our way up the lake.

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Boys being boys they went as fast as possible. It was thrilling. After a couple of hours we found a secluded cove and anchored. The boys went to set up the cook stove and ice chests and chairs while Sarah and I went down to put on our new swim suits. Sarah's was a blue lace that could hardly contain her 38 inch breasts.

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Mine was a red that really only covered my nipples. I am only a 34 so I felt that a suit like this would make them look bigger.

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I remember as a teenager feeling jealous of her, just a little bit. We got off the boat with the guys whistling cat-calls and Sarah and I presented them with their new trunks. They both went to the boat to change out. I had bought Mike a pair of cotton surfer dude shorts and Sarah had bought Steve a pair of short Speedo's. They both looked great. Steve brought out a football and said, "Everyone in the water, last one in is a rotten egg. When we got back on the land Sarah and I got an eyeful.

The trunks we had got the guys left nothing to the imagination. Mike's suit was transparent due to the thin fabric.

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His penis and balls were clearly seen by all of us. Steve's was the same except his balls were on one side and penis hung down the other side.

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Sarah had always said he was hung but not like that! Sarah looked almost naked. Her suit clearly showed her breasts, nipples and pussy. The old tinge of jealousy hit me at her large breasts compared to my small set. We sat around. We girls drank our wine and the guys drank beer until dark. We all waded back to the boat to go to bed, Steve and Sarah to their side of the curtain and Mike and me on our side.

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We got undressed and tucked in. He stuck me his whole thing.

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Across the curtain I heard the bed springs going overtime. Sarah was not at all shy and was lost in her own pleasure. Mike got between my legs and shoved his entire hard penis into me. It felt so nice to be doing what our neighbors were doing just six inches away from us.

Sarah let out a scream and obviously was having her own orgasm and Steve let out a loud grunt, as he came too. Mike seemed to be possessed as he fucked me. I could tell he was ready to cum, which made me put my hand between my legs and rub my clit.

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I wanted to cum with him. I could feel his penis swell and we orgasmed together. The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I heard two splashes outside. I put on a T-shirt and walked to the front of the boat. Sarah was there looking out through a window.

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I looked out the next window and saw our men totally naked hooking up the generator. The first thing I noticed was the hairy chests and legs. Steve had a long limp dick and big low hanging balls. His whole pubic area was shaved. Mike on the other hand had almost the same chest but we agreed long ago not to shave, just to trim.


I like a little stubble on my face. Sarah said that she was going to get more comfortable and went down and came back naked only holding a towel. I stripped out and came out naked and we both waded up to the guys and said good morning. Steve said, "We didn't think you guys would get up before since we had such a long day yesterday. Then I walked up to Mike and kissed him. After breakfast we all went for a swim and generally had a lot of fun.

We mostly threw the football back and forth and played, as Steve said, "grab-ass". Before long Sarah and Steve waded over to the boat and climbed in. It was fun to see those two naked. Sarah and her big breasts and shaved pussy and Steve and his huge swinging dick and lemon sized balls.

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Mike and I had another beer enjoying the sun naked. We went back to the boat, climbed in and went down the two steps and there was Sarah with Steve's cock in her mouth. What girl would say no to that? I backed him up to the bench, grabbed a chair and took his, now full mast, erection into my mouth. At the time I hadn't been able to swallow the whole thing because of the size of his head. I looked over to Sarah and Steve and her chin was all the way to his sack; both hands held onto his nuts.

After a couple of minutes Steve said to Sarah, "Ya want it? Steve let out a primal grunt Naked boat rides I heard Sarah's swallows. At that time Mike yelled, "Here it comes baby! I kept his penis in my mouth enjoying the sensation. After a minute or two I went to the fridge and washed his cum down with a can of soda. When we all calmed down we jumped in the lake to cool off.

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Sarah smiled and said, "Well, that was interesting. By now our nudity had become almost normal.