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Absence extinguishes small passions and increases great ones, as the wind will blow out a candle and blow in a fire. One problem faced by the two-career couple is that of being able to pursue their respective professions in the same city.

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When a couple decides to try a long-distance relationship, it can be difficult to keep the excitement and passion in their sex lives without a certain amount of creativity. Being unable to be physically together whenever you want means that a couple will have to experiment with different ways of expressing themselves sexually in order to keep the spark alive.

Long-distance relationship

This is a challenge that long-distance couples in the BDSM community have to overcome as well, and thankfully, it can be fun to come up with creative ideas that strengthen your relationship despite the distance! A powerful insertable egg vibrator that can be controlled from anywhere.

Plus waterproof and customizable. When you can't physically be together, technology is your friend. Getting a notification and knowing it might be a sexy photo or video builds excitement, and paired with a message such as "I want to watch you come to this later" can work wonders.

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Getting on camera and masturbating together makes the experience feel more real and can make for a memorable experience. Being skilled at sexting is helpful in a long-distance relationship, and detail and imagination is key to arousing your partner. Image credit to huck. The possibilities for sexting are endless, and open up many possibilities for a BDSM relationship. For example, a dom could text the sub that they have to send them a picture of themselves tied up, and then when they receive the picture they can tell the sub a story of how they would run a feather over their body while they're restrained.

Words are an important tool of love and communication allows couples to keep their relationship alive both sexually and emotionally. For some BDSM relationships, orgasm control or denial is a good way to dominate a partner. With a long-distance relationship, it means partners are able to control each other's orgasms as method of building anticipation. By telling the sub they aren't allowed to come for a certain amount of time, they are setting them up for a reward or punishment. On the contrary, the dom can also tell the sub to orgasm as much as they can take, which is also a fun power-play and can really spice up a webcam session!

For example, the dom can Long distance mistress the sub to ride on a sex machine for a Long distance mistress amount of time and the dom can control the dildo on the sex machine from the distance to full restrain or release orgasm of the sub. Believe me, a remote controllable sex machine is bring too much fun that it's hard to stop!

Tips: it's possible to make your own sex machine with some simply gadgets, such as getting a sex cushion and then attached a dildo or a G-spot vibrator. Use your imagination, there is no limit ;!

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A fun activity couples in long-distance relationships can try is having the partner who is dominating the other give the submissive partner special sexual tasks to do. This can have sexy potential consequences for the submissive partner if they fail to complete the task, or rewards if they complete it.

An example of a task a dominant could tell a submissive to do could be to go out without wearing underwear and send them a sneaky picture for proof, with permission to have an orgasm being the reward. Image credit to FebruaryLeaf. If the couple is interested in orgasm denial, the submissive could be given the task of not Long distance mistress an orgasm for a certain period of time, and the punishment for breaking the rule could be that the sub has to spank themselves in a video for the dom.

The only limit is one's own imagination, and the desire for the dom's approval and expectation of reward or punishment helps keep the couple excited! In some BDSM relationships, bondage is a great tool to exert control or allow yourself to relinquish itand long-distance relationships are no exception. The tricky part is, of course, that the dom is not physically there to tie up the sub.

That doesn't mean that the sub can't create a tantalizing bondage display to show their dom, and create anticipation for a meetup. The dom can guide the sub in the processor they can do it on their own as a surprise.

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When practicing bondage, it's very important to take safety into consideration and not attempt anything too difficult for the couple's experience level. Using soft rope material and learning sturdy knot techniques that are easy to undo is a great way to start. Receiving pictures of a sub tied-up and ready for anything would be a great fantasy for a dom, and hearing about the things the dom would love to do to them in their restraints is very exciting for the sub.

Image credit to jackrockhardt. They are extremely affordable and can be played simply through a video call. Besides, most of the games, such as the " Oh! Talk Dirty ", are not for only one night, but erotic entertainment that can last for weeks possibly months.

9 unexpected bdsm ideas for ldr couples (updated )

The dom can arrange a series of card games for different nights and occasions. I usually categorize my card games into 3 levels - romantic, hardcore, and "pervert". And of course, all the games I like must have aesthetics and quality. Just like other BDSM toys, you can start testing the water by trying some vanilla romantic games, such as Naked! Strip Poker and Kinky Confessions. Once you and your sub feel Long distance mistress comfortable about the game, you can level up to other bolder games. A good game I always like is " 52 Weeks of Role Play ". It has a great range of brilliant suggestions for sexy role play, beginner-to-kinky.

I don't know about you, but as a BDSM lover myself, I am really into role play because it's possible to play out the wildest fantasies of domination and submission. In my "pervert" level games, I like to bring forth erotic naughtiness and discipline. Some of the games may include the practice of self-bondage and self-spank. You don't have to follow all the rules the game originally created.

Feel free to change, adjust and even create new rules so that they can better fit your needs as long-distance BDSM lovers. After all, the goal is to diversify and add more spice to your sex life and ideally also explore new sex. Technology is always advancing and sexual technology is no different. Nowadays, vibrators can be purchased that connect to smartphones, so the dom can control the vibrator from great distances. This allows for many exciting scenarios. Your sub could wear the vibrator while out for the day while the dom controls it at-willmeaning the sub will be getting unsuspected vibrations and orgasms to try maybe unsuccessfully to keep quiet.

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A remote controlled vibrator could also be used during mutual masturbation sessions, to give the couple the opportunity for the dom to be the one giving the orgasms. Read a detailed Lush 3 Review. This can help give the couple the feeling of a closer sexual experience and the opportunity to physically give each other pleasure.

There are many different brands of remote controlled vibrators for couples to experiment with, such as Lush 3 by Lovense which is an insertable vibrator with clitoral stimulation that operates with a smartphone app. With this toy, you can even set up an alarm for your sub so that she will be woken up by intense vibrations!

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Another interesting toy is called We-vibe Moxiewhich is an external panty vibrator that can be worn for public play. An illustration about "how to use app controlled sex toys". With the technology of today, it has never been easier for a long-distance couple to bring each other pleasure.

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If you are looking for a hardcore sex toy, make sure to check the OXY shop. They have an app-controlled electric shock collarwhich is extremely fun to play with. Basically, your can order your sub to stay in certain positions e. The Cellmate Chastity Device has super long battery life.

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Once it's placed onto the sub, he won't be able to get it unlocked until you allow him to, this gives the dom total control. Similar idea for the locking butt plug. It enables the dom to train the sub's anal hole from a distance. Imagination is an important tool in any long-distance relationship, especially in regards to BDSM! Whether you fancy teacher-student play, maid-master play, police-prisoner play or others, you can always find relevant costumes online or in special shops. Learning about your partner's fantasies and bringing yourself into a role-playing hepace can make for an in depth sexual experience and simulate physical closeness.

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When immersed in role-playingthe experience feels more real. Detail is important, because you want to give your partner an arousing mental image that seems to take them into their fantasy. Instead of saying, "I tie you up and spank you," say, "Your wrists strain against the rope holding you in place as I bring my hand down on your stinging flesh. By getting into your partner's mind and building a convincing scene, you can turn your role-playing into a memorable sexual experience for both of you. When in a long-distance relationship, it's important to keep goals in mind.

Keeping your next meet up in Long distance mistress helps build anticipation and keep the relationship exciting. Building sexual tension is key to having an amazing experience when you get to see each other next, and discussing what you would like to do with each other is a great way to build that tension. An example of something that could be planned for a meet-up could be that the Long distance mistress is wearing lingerie that the dom sent them.

The dom will undress them and tie them up, and spank them with a cane while they count, and when they're finished the dom will reward them by giving them oral. Coming up with ideas together helps you to explore your fantasies and get to know each other's expectations for the meet-up. In any relationship, communicating what you want is very important and planning ahead can help to put you both on the sameas well as build arousal and excitement. Knowing you have a date to see your partner and knowing the dirty things they want to do with you is a special feeling, and encourages both partners solidifying the relationship.

Sending a gift to a sub, such as a collar, lingerie, or something sentimental to remind them of the dom is a good way to show love and appreciation, as well as set up sexy scenarios. The sub could be expected to send a picture wearing the new lingerieor for them to use the new sex toy sent to them during a masturbation session. There are tons of other BDSM gift ideas as well. My personal favorite is remote controllable vibrators and massage candles. The idea of inserting a vibrator but not knowing when it will be turned on is just too hot.

Also, pouring wax on your own body in front of the dom can be extremely sensational. Gifts sent as rewards for completing sexual tasks are encouraging, because caring and showing reciprocation is sexy! Little reminders of affection help keep any relationship alive, and are especially considerate when partners are away and missing each other.

Aftercare is making sure that emotions are being looked after and all parties feel safe and taken care of.

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