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Mike arrives for work at Outdoor Man to discover Kyle When a Jack and Jill wedding shower for Mandy and Kyle is Mandy takes a new interest in vaping, and while Boyd is turning 10 years old, and sticking with the Baxter It's Halloween and the Baxter family is excited for their Having a difficult time supporting Eve's gap year, Mike

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When Eve and her friend Cammy form a new band, they sound so horrible that Mike comes up with an idea to break them up, but his plan has unexpected. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mandy babysit Boyd.

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Why is my '67 Impala out in the driveway? Oh, I'm sorry, was it not deed to ever be outside? It's a classic car. It needs to be pampered. You're lucky I don't park it on your side of the bed. It's fine, Mike.

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Eve and Cammy just wanted to be in the garage. Well, so did the Impala. Why did they need in my garage? They kind of Oh, God, no.

No, no, no, no. No, listen, don't -- don't -- don't judge too quickly. I think that was the perfect speed. Wait, wait, wait. No, Mike.

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Oh, hey, Mr. Oh, this is Nigel. Nigel, say hi to Mr. Dad, don't freak out.

This isn't a big deal. Well, that's true. It's a huge deal! We are awesome! And, uh, guess what our band's called. You -- you -- you really can't do that to Jimi Hendrix.

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We're gonna make T-shirts! It's like I'm not actually here. I know. I'm actually done listening to this. Dad, come on. You haven't even heard us. Mom, are we terrible?

I love Let us play one song for you guys. You can play one song if you answer one question.

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Who moved the Impala? You're so funny! Oh, oh, let's do the Train song. Ah, you know what? I think the salad might be No, no, no. You let them in here, we're both gonna listen to this. Um, Eve wrote this, but I made it a little more hip and street. One, two, three, four!

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I'd rather listen to Hillary. What are we gonna do?

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Maybe they finally heard themselves. They just started a different song. How could you tell? You know, this is your fault.

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When Eve wanted to explore her options instead of going to college, you said it was a great idea. Well, congratulations, Mike. You've created a musician. What I should have created was a sound-proof garage. Hey, Larabee. Hey, Baxter!

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I thought I'd come by to see how you were enjoying the Cammy Harris Experience. You live on the surface of the planet. They were in our garage for a month. And there used to be two drummers.

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Well, I-I-I can't take it anymore. I'm just gonna tell them they have to stop. Well, why not? Teenage musicians thrive on parental disapproval. It's like vitamins to them.

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It just makes them stronger. I hated the trombone when I was a kid, but my Dad always told me how bad I was, so I played it So -- so, they won't stop even if we tell them how terrible they are? But they might stop It's time for them to share the gift. I got an idea, I got -- Oh, hey, guys, guys.

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This is hard to say, but you guys are getting pretty good out there! You think so? Like how you're not supposed to vote yourself Most Popular in the yearbook? But I did. And Best Hair. Listen, I think it's time that you guys played for more people, like a lot of people, like, a -- A gig!

It's not fair that we're the only ones that get to hear Well, what if we just, like, post a video or something? Yeah, even better. No, no, no, no, no.