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The heroine wants to be invisible senior year, but catches the eye of the very sweet and popular hero.

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I read Breathe by Kristen Ashley and loved Faye and want more heroines like her! Not all nerdy guys or girls are shy. In fact they can be pretty bold, and hilarious. I LOVE this idea!!! He, to me, is a pure genius. I have a nerd-crush. He is also a lifelong space nerd and a devoted hobbyist of subjects like relativistic physics, orbital mechanics, and the history of manned spaceflight. The Martian is his first novel. Actually at SBTB they call it competency porn, lol.

Reader recommendations – our favorite nerdy book characters

When a hero or heroine is portrayed as being really good and competent at their job or craft. And you know it is sexy.

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Serious, serious crush. I fangirled.

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Stole my heart years ago when I first fell in love with indie new adult books, and this was one of my firsts!!!. Kristen: Holy crap! I looooove FOL! You know, one of those books that can alter your way of thinking about life?!

I want him to talk nerdy to me!! So good.

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So smart. So funny. Lisa M: …Penny Reid…Love her writing…. And the first one in this series all standalones was awesome….

College romance books so good they score an a+

The feels in this book are incredible! Amanda: Pippa Grant has a lot of H and h that are nerdy in her stories. H is geeky is his interests of Firefly, video games, etc while h has a science blog. Another of her books has an h computer hacker. That formula totally works for me. Nerdy guy who tames a feisty chic! One has a nerdy hero and one has a nerdy girl. Jane: Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert.

Stacie: Stacie: Hi Maryse I have a book series to recommend! The Hashtag series by Cambria Hebert.

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I read Nerd last night for me it was 4. If you like a protective alpha male jock I can guarantee you will enjoy these books! Tessa: Nerd by Cambria Hebert. China Mack is my favorite nerd! Yep, you can read it without reading the others. And yes, it is the best one in the series. Sweet nerdy girl and superhot player Will. Der … rhetorical question.

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Hanna and Will are delightful together. This a funny and sexy book. MichelleS: The Hurricane …spend some time with a broody fighter and a nerdy mathematician girl. She says the funniest things.

Jock nerd romance books

In college. An East End London crime lord with a heart of gold falls hard for a lonely, nerdish spinster who is being bullied and embezzled by her nasty brother. MichelleS: I want to tell you about the book I started tonight. First, I am laughing and peeing myself at the hilarity at the beginning of the book. What is it? And as you know I read ton LOL! So here goes:! Five year old little girl squeaaaaaal, THIS!!!!

He is an astrophysicist and she is a social anthropologist!! Ivan Reynolds is purrrrrfection!!

Looking for nice jock guy x quiet nerd girl - either high school or college romance

Animate me is about a nerdy guy who loves to draw and finally get the curate to go after his dream girl—making tons if mistakes along the way. There is a bit of a love triangle in there,some angst, and tons of witty, fun dialogue that totally kept me reading. I also loved the fact that the author includes lots of the characters drawings into the book.

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I totally loved seeing them throughout. She is 39 and lost her husband to cancer and he is 26 and the son of her next door neighbours.

Jock and geek books

Must read xxxx. Hot sexy rockstar falls for a virgin librarian. Love this book. Very sexy.

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Joyce: Breathe by Kristen Ashley …For me it was 5 stars. Ann Cole. Chasing Serenity by Eden Butler!!!! Oh my goodness. Nerdy girl tribe, one is pursued by hot rugby player who is gasp! He delivers a speech in defense of these women that is the greatest nerd speech of. The hero tries to woo her to a high-paying job at his company and then just tries to woo her. The whole serious Chance of a Lifetime is quite wonderful, actually. Welcome, book friends!

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