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If celebrity culture were an automobile, Jennifer Lawrence would be driving it. The car would move slowly. The adjacent streets would be blocked off.

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Whether they genuinely shun fancy things or want to blend in with the rest of the community, there is something endearing about seeing a millionaire — sometimes, a billionaire — driving the same car as your sister or dad.

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If you are not paying attention, you may miss seeing your favorite movie star pull into the mall in a Toyota hybrid or Volkswagen. How boring is that?

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These celebrities may not lead lifestyles anything like the average person, but their driving experiences are guaranteed to be the same. Here are 10 very wealthy celebrities who drive humble cars.

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Without a doubt, Ludacris is a relatable guy. His easygoing manner made him one of the most likable celebrities, and you get a feel for his personality when seeing what a low-key ride he drove for years.

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Acura helped him rehab it after the accident, so he has it back in the garage. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most famous movie stars in the world, but her choice in cars definitely veers toward the humble.

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The Oracle of Omaha takes the same approach to cars. He keeps it simple.

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While many have upgraded to the fancier, all-electric Tesla Model SCameron Diaz has been seen rocking her Prius as recently as In this YouTube video, paparazzi catch her on her way out of a spa with Drew Barrymore. Pope Francis is not exactly a wealthy celebrity, but he is one of the most influential people on the planet and has access to unfathomable riches. Take his choice of rides during a visit to South Korea.

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Instead of a luxurious Korean-built model like Hyundai Genesis, the Holy Father rode in the back of a Kia Soul — you know, that boxy compact car that features hamsters in the commercials. In fact, he was still driving the Chevy Tahoe he had as a teenager when interviewed by Sports Illustrated in He drove the same car during his career with the Redskins and brought it to Dallas when he started playing for the Cowboys.

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Zuckerberg is hardly flashy, and the car seems to suit him well for the same reason. If you judge him by his choice of cars, John Goodman is close to the blue-collar image he portrays in movies in real life. For some reason, we can see him offering people a ride and telling them to hop in the back if his cab was full. Home Automotive News.