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I enjoyed the stories I read and I can post them here. But as some of you may know, on the Slave Leia Fanfiction Wiki, one of the users deleted some of the stories because at the time, her character was too young to have sex this was before Star Wars: Rebels and The Mandalorian. On the Epic Place Wiki, there were disclaimers added to age her up to 18 in order to rectify this. Would everyone be fine with me posting them here if they had those disclaimers?

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She had always expected as a Princess of Alderaan that her marriage would be for politics and not for love; she had never expected anything different. What she had never expected was to be on Nar Shadda under the dome of gaudy temple with the loathsome crime Lord Jabba the Hutt beside her. She glanced at her Father, standing beside her in his most resplendent cloak and suit, every inch the Alderaanian noble.

His visage gave away none of his feelings, neither triumph at the agreement with the Hutts on secret basing and routes to enable the rebellion to strike more triumphantly at the Empire nor regret that one of the concessions was the marriage of his daughter to the powerful Hutt clan leader, who had persuaded the council to accept the other bribes on offer. Her Mother showed no such compunction, sobbing into a lace veil to the obvious embarrassment of Mon Mothma and the other rebel dignitaries, who thought marrying off the eighteen year old to a centuries old slug was a small price to pay for the future success of the rebellion.

Leia forced herself to keep a smile on her face, like this was a day she had been waiting for not dreading. She too was invested in the rebellion and if this was a sacrifice that had to made it was nothing compared to the hundreds, thousands of rebels who had already laid down their lives and the many who were to follow them.

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She would not let them or her father down by failing in her duty, no matter how distasteful it might be. He saw her looking at him and belched loudly, swallowing the food and giving her a leer. There was a monitor above her, showing the ceremony — it was being filmed for both Alderaan and the Hutt Worlds — a whirlwind royal wedding bringing together human princess and Hutt businessman in a romantic tale of love at first sight; the teenage Leia loosing her heart to Jabba as he negotiated a trade deal with her Father.

She wondered if any of the watching audience believed it; or did they recognise a diplomatic arrangement when they saw one. She only hoped that the Empire thought that Jabba and leia fanfiction all it was, a customs arrangement between Alderaan and its closest systems and the Hutt worlds. She gave a glance at the monitor, hoping she looked suitably doey-eyed. She again forced a smile onto her face. Her mouth felt dry, her heart beat and not in love or excitement, she so wanted to run and hide, to cry out no, to cast of her tiara and dash it to the floor.

He belched, a noxious stream of gas coming from his mouth, which Leia struggled to ignore. You may kiss the bride. Leia had being looking forward to this even less than the moment before.

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But there was nothing for it, but to submit to it and think of the rebellion. She turned as Jabba swivelled towards her. His ponderous bulk was surprisingly supple, it came from having no bone structure, she briefly supposed, and he leant forward towards her. His vast mouth landed on hers, opening as it did. She fought back the urge to gag, barely able to manage it as his huge tongue slurped out and ran over her lips. His tongue forced them open and she felt the tip of it enter her, filling her mouth. He guzzled at her greedily, his mouth pressed against her.

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His hands, small compared to the rest of him, reached out and grasped her bosom, squeezing it under her dress. Despite herself her nipples hardened at his grip. He let go and his head straightened back, allowing her to breath again. Her face was stuck in disgust and she quickly moved to a smile. For some reason that made her feel a little better. And as he was speaking she felt something slimy and wet touching her heel, then sliding up her leg like a climbing snail, slithering up her calve and thigh to end just short of her panties.

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What else could she say? His tail slipped back down and her dress fell into place, though it was no longer as pristine white as it had been, certainly the front was damp with Hutt sweat turning it a tinge of tan.


A series of drums began to boom and Jabba swivelled again. Outside a skiff was waiting for the happy couple, large enough for a droid pilot and two Gamorrean guards to stand at the back.

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In the centre was a podium big enough for the Hutt to sit on, with a few cushions on the side. He slithered up the gangplank with a speed and grace that belied his bulk and onto the podium. Leia followed him, looking to see if she could fit on the edge on one of the cushions. She tried to hide her horror, but was worried some of it came out.

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But she had committed to obey him and did as he asked. Even as her pert teenage bottom parked itself on his folds she could started sinking into him, feeling the clammy Jabba and leia fanfiction through her dress. He slipped his small arms round her chest, holding her bosoms gently as he barked something in Huttese to the pilot. He popped one in his mouth, his body shaking as he swallowed. He took another one and swallowed it and then two more together, belching loudly.

Leia tried to ignore it and look out over Nar Shadda. She had to admit it was surprisingly beautiful in a built up urban way, lights shimmering from a million windows in a thousand blocks, so different from the natural greens and snow covered mountains of her own world. As they flew Jabba began to point out the landmarks and history, paying particular attention to the buildings he owned or those of his main rivals.

Leia listened, learning the history of her new Hutt husband. She found herself leaning into his bulk, he was damp, but surprisingly soft and comfortable. One of his hands reached down and began to caress her breast, even as he used the other to drop the worms into his mouth. His tail was moving, sliding up her dress and trailing over her leg. Leia found herself relaxing a little, the tail gently massaging up and down her.

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All of a sudden his tongue reached out and slathered over the back of her neck. Jabba politely ignored her reaction and continued, his blubbery lips slurping at her lower back as he kissed her. She sat a little forward, trying not to be too rejecting, whilst trying to give herself some space from his clutches. But I am looking forward to the night, and making Hutt love to you until dawn.

Leia managed to force a smile and played the part, like being the wife of a Hutt was a dream come true. His tail would sometimes flick round and slide up her leg. She flinched the first time, but after that managed to keep her composure, though she knew the dress was damp and stained making it obvious he was feeling her with the appendage.

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Luckily, in deference to his human and non-Hutt guests, there were plenty of edibles for her as well. Not that she had much appetite, eating a few pieces of fruit and some crispy bantha scratching as well as sipping at the expensive wine. Jabba had no such inhibitions, slurping down the wine which had no effect on him and gorging himself on everything which passed in front of him, which was a lot.

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The only positive was that as he was eating he hardly gripped her boobs and his tail was a lot less probing, contenting itself with slipping over her calves. Eventually, even Jabba was gorged.

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Alderaan had no slaves itself, but they were common outside the Core Worlds. The Old Republic had made little attempt to stamp them out and the Rebellion modelled itself after its forerunner. It was a view that Leia accepted, even if reluctantly, and she had to admit the dancers were skilled. They gyrated and slipped around, naked apart from tiny thongs. She almost gagged as her tongue struggled to get out from under his, his hands gripped her boobs harder, squeezing them tight as his tail slid further up the inside of her thigh, Jabba and leia fanfiction just inches from her opening.

I will you shortly for our first night. This was it, the moment she had been dreading. Leia moved away as fast as she could reasonably manage without appearing impolite. The slave matched her pace. They went down a corridor, away from the crowds. She resolved to treat them fairly, which she suspected the Hutt never did. Yes Mistress, I exist at his pleasure, if he wants to take me I am his.

Then he has to force them and that makes it go longer. Go with him, show him your willingness to be his and it will be over all to quickly. They stopped at a door and Oola pressed the opening the button. Lord Jabba has his own, he often does not like to sleep on these soft beds, but he will visit you often in the night.

It had to be said the apartment was impressive; the first room was a lounge with sofas and hologram unit and rug on the floor, pictures and busts adorned it.