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I Is ddlg problematic for lady who loves theater


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It is absolutely deplorable that they subject outsiders to their kink without their consent, so why should outsiders not be allowed to have an opinion on it? They parent their ificant other. Do you feel uncomfortable yet? Yes, they are two consenting adults, but the concerning part is the fact that an adult has to see a person acting and looking like in order to get aroused! Pedophilia is horrendous and this is basically legal pedophilia.

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I already know that some people might find my opinion brash, harsh, and unwanted, but I just needed to get this off my chest as soon as possible.

Ddlg and psychology

And besides, whatever the hell you post on the internet is open for scrutiny and criticism, and I'm keeping this in mind when I'm posting this. Tumblr itself is a horrific, festering cesspool of social justice warriors and fat acceptance bullshit, but what makes it worse is the heavy DDLG presence that permeates on said hellsite.

These underage kids are being groomed into this lifestyle by being exposed to it all the time. Look, I have no problem with someone using coloring books or watching cartoons as an adult.

Ddlg and other child kinks are more than just “daddy/daughter roleplay”. the real kink is about being rapey, harassing people, and making people uncomfortable.

Owning a stuffed animal or two? But using those as accessories to a kink that basically romanticizes child molestation, incest, and pedophilia is fucking disgusting. Honestly, I don't think wanting to fuck your partner while they're basically acting like a helpless child makes you LGBT. The worst part is that these gross fucks DDLGers ruin everything. Disney movies? Melanie Martinez?

You bet.

Do little's have daddy issues?

Stuffed animals? Why not? I'm so fucking tired of seeing my childhood nostalgia being slaughtered by a bunch of grown ass adults who can't function in the real world and use their kink as an excuse to "shy away from grown up responsibilities. So I'm fairly active in the kink scene and I'll admit that the ddlg-ers kind of creep me out too. And yes, they seem to be everywhere these days with their stuffies and pacifiers.

However your rant is so misinformed I just wanted to step in and say that while the fetish is unfortunately likely to attract pedophiles from time to time, most people who are into it are extremely aware of that risk and take extra care to ensure that everyone is of the legal age, consenting, and safe.

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Consent gets talked about in the kink communities waaay more than in normal sexual encounters and frankly, the risk of sexual assault is probably lower at a ddlg fetish party than a regular college house party. As with many kinks, it is the taboo nature of it which is appealing. Most of then arent attracted to kids anyway, they're attracted to secually mature women who act like .

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It's not everyone's cup of tea, but they aren't forcing you to wear diapers. If consenting adults want to do weird shit, it's not really any of your business. Yes, there are and will always be creeps on the internet, but that doesn't make all ddlg-ers bad people.

Ddlg ruins the party again

And just because you don't share their fetish doesn't make them disgusting. Maybe just don't follow them on Tumblr? Its unfortunate you have this opinion It is consenting adults Adults with age regression. I am also a mother of Its about nurturing and being taken care of. And I love it. Thank you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Not even all of us do Ageplay. Well this is a dumb post. Why the fuck would you come onto our server then? I thought DD was an acronym for Darling Daughter?

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Normally I'm in the "as long as it's legal and consensual I have no reason to care" camp. But as someone who lives with a 19 year old who acts like an 8 year old this drives me mad. I can see it being romantic if you have kids, you just get used to hearing it I guess. I've seen this with a lot of couples who have children.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

That's fine. But please for the love of all that is good do not pretend to be while you are having sex. That is uncomfortable on so many levels.

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This "shaming" I am doing is aimed only at the people who advertise that they have this kink. What you do in your bedroom is none of my business nor do I care. Makes you look stupid. Think its gross but at the end of the day as long as nothing illegals happening i dont give a flying fuck. It's so cringey and uncomfortable that I like to pretend it doesn't exist to help prevent more of my brain from dying.

Ddlg ruins the party again

My ex felt most herself, most comfortable dressing and behaving young. That said, we're both perfectly aware that she isn't actually that age, and condemn that kind of thing as much as the rest of the population. To say it is in some way glorifying relationships between literal 12 year olds and older guys is to say that you actually cannot distinguish between someone acting like a 12 year old and a literal 12 year old. In which case you need help. Society must cater to all the bullshit, you can't cherry pick or youre a bigot.

I used to consider myself to be apart of the ddlg community but really thought it was awkward to shit in a diaper and have my s. That's madness. This is what happens in a society that celebrates sexual deviancy. Thanks, Hollywood. Found the internet!

Ddlg and psychology

DDLG is disgusting. Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share.

Do little's have daddy issues?

Continue this thread. Personally I choose to be a bigot in response to this shit.

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What is DDLG? Can a mod please ban this Neo-Nazi anti-Semite? The rede is bad, don't use it. If you don't like it, post somewhere else. Created Oct 1, Top posts april 15th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.

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