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The article, written by Caity Weaver, tells an amazing story of non-stop hustle and determination. But one moment recounts a scary medical decision that could have ended it all before it started. In the GQ story, Cardi B reveals that she had black market buttock injections and she details the horrifying story of what she went through on a quest to obtain better curves. As a plastic surgeon, I have been fortunate enough to take care of thousands of patients who have undergone body contouring enhancements, and I have done thousands of fat transfer operations and filler injections to safely increase the contours of my patients. I have also taken care of my share of patients who have sought body contouring improvements through other means such as injections of silicone and other adulterated substances from a shady underworld of illegal injectors. I've seen enough of these patients that "Good Morning America" gave me an opportunity to share one patient's story as a warning to the world about the very real dangers of underworld injectors.

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So the last update on Gabby I shared her from the Endocrinologist. I Injection in buttocks stories that she was going to have monthly injections. Little did I know that I was going to be giving these injections once every 28 days. Funny how the doctor failed to mention that part. My surprise was when the home health company contacted me about scheduling a delivery date for her new medication. Uh, what?!

I was dumbfounded to say the least. They were surprised that I was surprised and after going around in circles they delivered a box the next day that included the syringe with medicine, a hazardous storage red box and alcohol p for cleaning the area before injection.

Finally a week later a home health nurse came out to help teach me how to administer the injection. I tried to prepare Gabby the best I could. I told her what was going to happen and tried to assure her it would be quick and I would do it, not anyone else. The nurse arrived and it was a male nurse. He instructed us the injection had to be done in her buttocks. She did NOT want a man seeing her butt cheek.

He was NOT allowed to watch. Of course he had to watch since I had no idea what I was doing and I was a nervous wreck. Did I mention I never wanted to be a nurse?!

Cardi b's horrifying story serves as a reminder of the dangers of illegal buttock injections

The first injection was done February 1st and thankfully Gabby never suffered from any side effects besides some soreness. It seems to have worked because she has not had another menstrual cycle since. Her second shot was administered on Leap Day. By me. No support from a nurse.

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The second injection went awful. Absolutely awful.

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I feel like I earned the worst mother of the year award. Gabby was prepared and ready. She was laying on her side peacefully with only slight nervousness. She let me clean the area with an alcohol pad and mix the medication in the syringe. She saw the length of the needle and came unglued. She started begging me not to do it which caused me to start shaking.

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I was trying to hold her still by myself since T was at youth group and as I went to give the shot she hit my hand the minute it went in causing it to come right back out. One stick down, no medicine administered. Yes, it took three pokes to get the medicine in her.

I was so upset and shaking for hours afterward. I felt so bad I wanted to cry.

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Gabby was crying so we cuddled in bed and read Dr. Seuss books with Noah until she fell asleep. I massaged the area but the next morning she said it still stung. Gabby has been growing her hair out because she has the desire to mimic the movie Tangled. She wants her hair like Rapunzel. Oh I feel awful for both of you. Sometimes — well a lot of the time- I think Wth are they doing transferring nursing and doctor jobs to regular people moms and d and sons and daughters.

It is crazy. Do you have gloves? Like what if that needle had pierced your hand?

Research pays when going for cosmetic procedures

I am disappointed in health care systems when they do this stuff. It is once a month — I actually think it would probably be easy for a trained nurse to do the job once a month. Makes me mad. It was just awful. I hope over time that it becomes easier on both you and Gabby. I know!

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It all boggles my mind. She is so excited about it! Thanks a ton girl. I hope things get easier for both of you.

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I bet Chevy would freak out just like Gabby. Our poor kids go through too much as it is. In the end I think I was more upset than her.

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She bounced back pretty quick and I went through the emotions of feeling awful, being upset and sad to being angry at the doctors for this process. Thank you! That is such a hard post to read because I have such a hard time holding Pumpkin still when she has had to have a few painful procedures. But at least I could close my eyes and try to not be there mentally. I would be shaking too. SO hard. I wonder if you called the doctor and said that you were having trouble even though you can do it if he would then offer appts for her to get it done with a nurse?

Hugs that is SO hard. And I agree with posters above- the curls are just precious, and so is Gabby:. As a Dallas BloggerDwan loves to share family funsimple craftsfree printablesand quick recipes. Follow her family of seven on their family travel adventures.

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Reach out for a quote on a custom de or personalized gift! Close Top Banner. Home Parenting Gabby Updates The shots have begun. Post: « Dr. Comments Oh I feel awful for both of you. Good luck and I hope this works for gabbie. Footer As a Dallas BloggerDwan loves to share family funsimple craftsfree printablesand quick recipes.

Search this website. Welcome all you foolish mortals!

Black market cosmetic butt injections sicken six women

Are you ready for. Happy Fall. Hello Pumpkin. Are you an orange pum. The first day of fall may officially start on Sept. Boo to You! Halloween is coming How is the school year going for everyone? It feel. Thank you Holly for your order!