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How old am I: I'm 27 years old
Hobby: Girl Sex Casual Relationship Swinger Married Want Casual Personals
Ethnicity: Welsh
Caters to: Man
What is my gender: Fem
What is the color of my hair: Reddish
My favourite music: My favourite music heavy metal
What is my hobbies: Marital arts

Sex and sexuality are certainly important parts of being human for most people, and so it is something which can help us understand one another better as well. Whether this be exploring your own sexual desires or understanding your partner on a deeper level, there are certain things which each personality type is more likely to connect with or feel. For some people the idea of casual sex is often unnerving and unpleasant, while for others it can be a great way of self-exploration. INFJs are very passionate and giving people, but they are also truly complex. To understand how the INFJ feels about sex, it often requires knowing them on a much more personal and intimate level.

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Jump to Latest Follow. ed Apr 1, Here is my story: I have never had any "daddy issues".

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I have a very normal, standard relationship with my father. I have always felt that he loved me and supported me. I am a successful, young talented conservatory trained musician and very independent, strong willed, smart, caring, wise for my age. I am Which is why I am overanalyzing and freaking out!

Enfjs and sexual orientation

I have been in a few relationships. I have always found older men attractive.

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I had a secret relationship with a teacher like figure when i was 18, he was I never felt in love with him or dependent on him emotionally though. We were mostly very good friends. I think it honestly was me trying to do something "bad" and adventurous. My second relationship was for 2 years and very serious. First love. Same age. He was a very domineering manipulative insecure guy. Very jealous.

Infj in bed: what the infjs sexual energy is like

I would categorize him as a misogynist. Sadly, probably due to his upbringing It was a very damaging relationship that happened during a time period when I was struggling with depression and anxiety. It held me back from growing and getting better. I broke up with him and reclaimed my life. Now, I have met who I think may be the love of my life.

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He is Seven years older than me, also a musician. We have equality in our relationship and he ferociously supports my dreams. We have a very deep, meaningful and fulfilling relationship together. He is an inspiration and I respect him very much. I feel that he guides me to be the best me I can be by showing I can be that person. Like a mirror. I would say we have a very healthy, beautiful relationship based on mutual respect and communication.

Maturity wise I feel we are on the same level although we had a large age difference. He does have wisdom and experience in the music world which I find helpful and very attractive. His age and wisdom lends itself to being a guiding force in my life. But, I would like to say that I take care of him just as much as he takes care of me. Also, We pretty much live together. And he is wonderful to me. We have not been together for a long time but we have both said and feel very strongly that we would like to be together forever.

TMI, i Infj sexually submissive, but I call him Daddy.

Enfjs and sex drive

And he calls me princess. That is the general dynamic with us when it comes to sex. We love eachother very much and that's the way we show it. Outside the bedroom, I tend to him very much, he IS latino so he does prefer a very attached loving caring girlfriend.

Which I am naturally.

See a problem?

He treats me like his equal and respects me as a woman and as a person and as a musician. He treats me the best a man could treat a woman. A great listener, and very loyal. Sexually, and in everyday life. I'm just wondering, is this all ok?

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Is it ok to have a relationship like this? Is it healthy for me? Can we maintain equality and have a healthy balance of power with this sexual dynamic? Is this just a kinky sexual thing? Could it be about me needing to relinquish my control?

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How does this relate to my grounded, strong independent spirit? Can any of you INFJ ladies out there relate to me?? Please let me know what you think!!

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ed Jun 29, Are you familiar with the concept of a "little? Being a "daddy's girl" doesn't necessarily mean you're a little, but sometimes they interrelate. If it Infj sexually submissive obvious, I've explored that avenue being a "daddy" in the past as well and it's usually not something you exactly plan out.

We all have this energy about us and most have described mine to be rather fatherly or paternal -- stability, protective, coddling, comforting, reassuring, able to take charge. These aren't terribly uncommon traits for a guy though. When I first experienced the daddy element in a relationship I was honestly a bit unsure in a way and I'm usually no holds barred when it comes to intimacy or intense closeness, but it does grow on you.

That said potato potatoe, it's the same idea no matter what you call your lover. Now, I think what you always want to ask yourself is whether this is just a sexual kink or something that extends to more elements of your relationship?

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If you're the latter where you're effectively going to be coddled, spoiled, punished, and whatever else that entails then it can be quite the lifestyle change. Either can be healthy. Doms basically get everything they want and have the final say whereas the sub is usually the perpetual people pleaser.

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I'll tell you which personality you most often want to watch out for in these sort of dynamics. It's anyone that's the director type. Basically, they always want the perfect shot clean thoughts or a specific scene in their mind to unfold right before them. They're highly anally retentive, complain about the most inificant of things, and controlling to lengths that are typically beyond kinky. ed Apr 29, I have watched my uncle and his wife over the years and their relationship is unhealthy one.

Below, check out your sex preferences, according to your myers-briggs personality type.

She does what he says, thinks of her as dumb blond. All in all, for God's sake you are a woman i know it will raise some eyebrows but majority of relationships fall into that category. I am curious though, because your very first sexual experience was with a man almost twice of your age, what led to it.

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Why you chose someone older over someone of your age. Obviously, as INFJs we crave for people who are intelligent and at a younger age there could be not many matches. So, was it more of mental connection with that man that attracted you to him the most or physical one? Anything beyond that and you will be pushing it.

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I say this, because if age gap is too bigthen there is a higher chance of people growing apart as they grow themselves if it makes sense.