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Years old: 24
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First things first, lubricate those hands of yours! No guy wants your bone-dry palms moving up and down his dick. It causes friction and it hurts. You can use your own saliva, but it dries up quickly. Second thing, get comfortable.

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I never think twice about how I hold my dick while peeing: My thumb rests on top, my index finger provides support from underneath and my other three fingers gently cradle the shaft for additional stability. For anyone interested in even more of my personal dick-holding habits, a tighter version of this grip can also be used for jacking off.

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This is, after all, the most natural way to hold your own dick, and therefore, the way that most men inevitably choose to do so. But three days ago, while aimlessly scrolling through the depths of Reddit, I was exposed to a new man with a new way of holding his dick while peeing. Bro… what in the absolute fuck?

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In his defense, this redditor at least seems to understand that his technique is abnormal, mentioning that he recently found out that his friends all use the grip I described above. The vast majority of commenters, too, agree that my method is the best method.

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But of course, a select few admit that they, too, hold their dicks differently while peeing. Just like a baseball bat. You are an absolute monster.

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All of this talk about dick-holding, however, left me wondering whether my method was indeed as correct as I once believed, so I reached out to Alex Shteynshlyuger, Director of Urology at the New York Urology Specialistsfor advice. Now then, please excuse me while I fancily try holding my dick like a cigar. He mostly writes about everyone's favorite things: Sex, drugs and food.

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Life is in the details. More Stories from MEL.

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