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They were considered the high priests of Sunite temples, working under the … Prestige Class Retrieved from " He is also the chosen of Mystra, goddess of magic, which grants him extended longevity and magic prowess. Alignment This ability lasts 5 rounds, and can be used a of times per day equal to her Charisma bonus. She alternates between deep passions and casual flirtations and has been romantically tied to many of the other Faerunian deities. The Heartwarder is a prestige class that appears in the 3. Description: NOTE: Despite the description referring to the Heartwarder as a female character, this kit is available to both genders.

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 10 April - AM. Posted 10 April - PM. Posted 11 April - AM. When she is represented, she is shown as the most beautiful woman in the Realms, with sweeping, radiant, red hair and incredible charms. The Sunite faith is a popular one in large metropolitan areas and among the nobility.

Heartwarder of sune [cleric kit] v

Those of a literary or artistic bent, as well as people falling in love or looking for lifemates, often venerate the Lady Firehair. Sune herself is said to be benevolent and sometimes whimsical, alternating between deep passions and shallow flirtations.

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Currently, she is rumored to have been rather smitten by the noble actions of Torm at Tantras during the Time of Troubles. Sune's specialty priests, known as Heartwarders of Sune, are aesthetes and hedonists who actively seek out pleasure and beauty in all things, and who nurture the creation of beautiful objects.

Faerûnian prestige class : heartwarder

They are typically found in large cities in the company of the cultural elite. Most are active patrons of the arts, and all play the role of matchmaker for persons in all levels of society. Many are employed as artists, crafters, performers, or instructors, though a few travel the world to promote beauty and love.

Abilities: - Spiritual Weapon: Flail - 'Shock Flail' once per day The Shock Flail is the spiritual weapon of Heartwarders of Sune, and is wielded as if the caster had grand mastery in the weapon. The spiritual weapon lasts for one round per level of the caster, up to 20 rounds.

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Posted 12 April - AM. Posted 13 April - AM. Posted 21 June - PM. Posted 14 May - AM. Posted 28 November - PM. Community Forum Software by IP. Board d to: Spellhold Studios. In Create .

Heartwarder of sune [cleric kit] v

Heartwarder of Sune [Cleric Kit] v1. Please log in to reply. The mod includes some unique icons for the new spells and abilities. Description: NOTE: Despite the description referring to the Heartwarder as a female character, this kit is available to both genders. Sune Firehair encourages beauty, passion, and love wherever they may be found.

Heartwarders are aesthetes and hedonists who actively seek out pleasure and beauty in all things and who nurture the creation of beautiful objects. She gains another point at 10th level, and a final one at 15th level.

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She can use this ability as many times as she wants, but she cannot use it on herself. Whenever she does so, nearby foes suffer -4 penalty to all of their saving throws for 2 turns. The tear has the power to charm a single living creature until the magic is dispelled. Disadvantages: - A Heartwarder cannot wear plate mail or full plate armor - She suffers an initial -1 penalty to strength and constitution Version history: v1. My stuff. Posted 10 April - PM Thanks for the input. The concept is completely inspired by the prestige class presented in the Heartwarder of sune book Faiths and Pantheons, and from that book I had the impression that Heartwarders did not have the comprehensive battle training like other clerics or warriors do.

In fact, I was thinking of removing all of their weapon proficiencies to represent their disapproval of violence but then decided against it, considering it'd hugely affect their playability. Please take into consideration that Heartwarders are specialists, and they may not be wearing the same religious garments as other representatives of Sune's clergy do.


Faiths and Pantheons doesn't say much about what armor Heartwarders wear, but on the attached picture it seems like she's completely unarmored or wearing a light leather armor, save for some plated shoulder p. Also, I went with the armor restriction because I feel like chain and scale mail are largely unused and in BG. Ability reqs: I don't feel okay giving kits ability requirements, because it makes rolling higher ability scores easier.

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And Wis and Cha are exactly the scores you want to put points into anyway, so making such a requirement is unnecessary. Yarpen I based Voice of a Siren on Greater Malison 4th level wizard spelland it has exactly the same effects, except for a few details. Greater Malison has a larger area. Voice of a Siren has a rather small area, and you can't cast it at a remote point, it is always centered on the caster.

This makes it harder to use, considering the rather long casting time. Also, Voice of a Siren is not affected by magic resistance. I decided that it didn't need to be, as creatures who have a ificant magic resistance will have enough protection against spells anyway, so the -4 saves won't affect them all that much.

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Besides, I figured magic resistance would not offer protection against Siren Song, but that depends on how magical we consider Siren Song to be. It may be a magical song, but it might just be the natural charms of sirens that distract and enthrall the listeners. The duration of Voice of a Siren is the same as if Greater Malison was cast by a 10th level mage.

Which may be beneficial at first, but grows to be a weaker point of the ability as you level. Edited by Adul, 11 April - AM. Posted 11 April - AM Uhm, you're right.

Heartwarder - faerun prestige class

But what about disadvantages - Chevalier is right. What'cha think about "Cannot turn undead" instead of armor restrictions? Kit itself is great You should try to revise standard cleric kits without sphere spell system as DR do.

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Posted 11 April - AM Thanks, you're right there, but I wouldn't want to mess with basic game mechanics like the spell system. The main reason for that is I'm an acute canonist, and I don't like when mods change the gameplay too much that's totally a personal thing.

The other reason is that DR's already done that. Plus, DR has a Heartwarder kit too, as I recently found out. But I suppose mine is different enough to offer something new. Disabling undead turning would be a great idea, I might be adding that in a next release in addition to the current disadvantages. I'm feeling like the advantages are still outing the disadvantages right now, even if most of them are rather modest. I am a big fan of Sune and Torm.

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I think you might wish to think of a different name for the Kit??? You are right about the Priestly Vestments are very thin and they wear no armor when they are at their temple. They make a strong point of never wishing to get scars and would prefer to not need magic healing. Posted 11 April - AM Thanks for the input, once again.

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From what I've gathered, the 2nd and 3rd ED Heartwarders have few things in common. I'm no knower of Sunite commons, I basically know nothing about them save for the few articles I've read in various 2nd and 3rd ED books, and it's hard to come by any standardized information the kind the publisher won't change in the next release on the same topic, anyway. But I don't wanna go on a rant here.

The mod was done as a personal project with the main intention of making a kit I'd play as with my upcoming character. Thank you for your interest in it, and for the feedback as well. Yes, I have to agree, some of their bonus spells are a bit excessive at level 1. Like the Priest of Talos' Lightning Bolt. Those spells could simply be delayed until level 5.

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Or the kits could be re-worked a bit, as you suggested. I'll be thinking about it and if I come up with anything, I'll be sure to release it as a mod here.

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Posted 21 June - PM Its been proposed that as a replacement for the Cleric of Sune's holy symbol, that a Heartwarder's holy symbol is; their own face with the application of "Heartwarder Cream". Which it dawns on me, if you are looking for disadvantages. It maybe that Heartwarder's require very expensive grooming items and rituals must utilize the most expensive bath houses, religiously purchases and uses Sirocco No.

Posted 14 May - AM I know I'm pretty late to this, but I'm planning on starting a new game of IWD2 and am wondering if there's an easy way to convert this into a cleric class for that game?

Faerûnian prestige class : heartwarder

Any advice would be great! Posted 28 November - PM New version is out, it fixes the heartwarder's special HLA - now it no longer behaves in erratic ways but instead applies the mass charm spell every 6 seconds for 2 minutes. Back to Miscellaneous Released Mods. Reply to quoted posts Clear.