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It all started one Friday when my friend, Kip, who I met a short time ago, asked me to take care of his animals as he was going to be out of town for over a week during Christmas break.

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This story from Jock hawk has been read 4 0 4 1 2 times. A boy and his bitch Written by Jock hawkongenre zoophilia I grew up with the pressures of sex around me that I must have sex. I also was a nudist at heart and so when I was home alone id stay naked. One day I was naked and half asleep when I felt licking, my dog was cleaning me from below.

She licked everything and it felt good, too good. I bent over and spread my cheeks. She sniffed and licked me clean. Her long flat tongue occasionally popping into my butthole until she was done. She came around and looked at me and I noticed her tail was kinda in a weird pose.

She was flagging me after looking it up. I thought nothing of it. Few weeks later we went for a walk, she pulled me off to a trail and then peed her pee had a strong smell and her tail was in the flagging position. So I fingered her a little and she dropped and humped my hand.

I felt her warm pussy get tight and pulse then she relaxed. She just basically came in my hand.

I wiped off her cum on a tree but the smell gave me a boner. I was worried something was wrong.

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Another nude day, was laying down and just masturbated, my cock glistening in fresh semen. She walked up and started licking my cock she then flagged me and so I got close I smelled that smell and my cock began to be rock hard. Precum poured out, she was wanting to breed with me.

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I got into position, she stood waiting I slowly pushed my cock in, her pussy spread open not knowing what was happening. She looked at me with her "really? It went into her vaginal cavity.

She clinched hard and started rocking. I started thrusting I pulled out and shot a rope of cum past her. She cleaned it and cleaned me. This went on for months until one day in the heat of our passion I held hard and fired a massive load of sperm into her. She quivered and clinched as I held.

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My cock pulsing and pumping seamen she pushed my cock out and soon cum pooled on the floor. Cum bubbles came out in little queefs.

I wanted to share her love with my two male dogs and so one day I got my big black lab to try to knot her. I jacked him off and he shot precum inside her but she didn't flag.

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He got down his flat tongue licking her. He lost interest and so he watched us mate.

My other dog couldn't precum and just humped her for a second and didn't like it and so he watched. Session after session they'd clean her and lick her sperm infused pee. One day I obstsained for a month and blew a huge glob of semen into her. She just sat and pushed down on my cock moving sperm into her womb. She got old eventually, she'd try to breed but would just lose her bowls and eventually she was blind.

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But shed know my cock by smell and licked it until sperm shot out. The day she passed away I was devistated. I had a dream of her, but as a human and a house with our puppies a boy and a girl. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

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