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Many people find themselves faced with making the decision of whether to spit or swallow, for the very first time when giving a blow job or when going down on a new partner. We surveyed real people to help you decide what to do. You can skip straight to the section with 49 people explaining why they like to swallow or skip to section with 48 people explaining why they prefer to spit or keep reading for more tips before you make up your mind on whether to spit or swallow.

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I am so totally with you on this! Of course I did it to please the guys but over time I became a bit addicted. I love to look up into their eyes as they came. The eye to eye contact had always been huge, very personal, and so deeply connecting.

Real talk: do i have to swallow if i'm giving head?

So the addiction is not only the feeling of them flowing into your mouth, all over your tongue, and throat but the connection or how intimate it can get. Yes there are some guys where it is harder to get them to look at you but when they do they all love the eye to eye as much as I do. Then there is the addiction of having this amazing member of a guy's anatomy in your hands and mouth with him leaking his very private flavors.

Good for you TinyClit. I am a male. Are there any secrets you or your husband uses to make cum taste sweet, and not bitter?

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Just control what you eat before having relations, like This been working for me since I guess everyone's body and metabolism may be different, so you would need to try and get what you and your partner enjoy most. Love your name I love your answer.

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Yes, your lover's cum is his essence, without your girl swallowing his essence, she is telling him she doesn't love him enough. Just fyi, it is true that sperm is a Serotonin Uptake Inhibitor, which is the family of antidepressants to which belongs prozac. However its potency is very low and you would have to swallow a lot a lot to actually see some benefits. As an added bonus to this answer, I enjoy when a lady swallows ONLY if she is genuinely enjoying the act too.

You might not detect the sutile differences in the first encounters, but through time you will always spot a girl who does it just for convenience, and those who enjoy it as much as you do.

The spitters

Sex is a reciprocal way of giving pleasure, so forcing up things or doing it in a planned way is a big turn off for me. So I'd rather have sex with a girl who won't swallow than with a girl who swallows and is neutral or negative about it. I've tasted my own come on plenty of occasions.

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I've also tasted and swallowed other people's cum. Ok, OP, but you are gay It seems. I'm straight, and I did it once anyway Lol I'm not gay but I guess I'm not exactly bi either.

Most helpful guys

I'm not attracted to men in any way but I'll do things with them. Just no sex ahahahaha so I guess I'd be bi-curious? Guess so. I wouldn't do anyting like that with other guys, so I guess you're more bi "bi-er"? I don't view you as bi then.

I found four men…

Yeah, I was just curious. I wondered what my Girlfriend was tasting, so I checked it out one day. It was long ago, I was a teen. That's freakin great : Good for you, I don't know you but I am proud of you for manning up and seeing what we go through :.

Sperm can be delicious. you just need to acquire a taste for it.

Dude - if you suck mens dicks, then swallow their come for please, I got new for you. You gay. Thank you. Tasting your own come doesn't mean your gay. And to the guys who think its gay, you're immature and don't know what the definition of "gay" is. I've been swallowing my own for many years now.

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Doesn't seem to matter what people think, since most have no idea. An old girlfriend was very surprised when immediately after she gave head, I asked her to kiss me, and give it all back. I let her know she never needed to swallow, that I'd be more than happy to do it for her. I've given a few BJ's over the years and can't imagine not finishing things off right.

The time i swallowed 4 lo of cum in one night…

I like pointing out to the guy that I now have a load of hot cum in my belly, and YOU put it there. Then I'd thank him. His ego was already on a high, since I just finished him off, but after I'd thank him, his ego would skyrocket. Gary16 I love to lick my cum from my girlfriend beautiful pussy and I get so turned on when she asked me to lick my cum from her ass her butt is perfect. Oh I've tasted come before.

Sperm can be delicious. you just need to acquire a taste for it.

Swallowing come turns me on so much that I ignore the taste. Hey, whatever gets you going I guess.

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Not my thing. I always suck some of my cum from my girlfriend tougue I want to make sure it taste good for her. Sandra that's great you will do just about anything to please him Do you swallow because you enjoy the taste or because people think it's hot? Do you swallow even if you don't like the taste? Share Facebook. Girls that swallow: Why do you swallow cum?

Girls that swallow: why do you swallow cum?

Add Opinion. I always swallow!

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I've given head to 3 guys, and even though the taste of their come is somewhat different, I've gotten used to it after awhile. I enjoy giving head and to me swallowing goes with giving head. Even though, other than the 2nd guy I gave head to, they were kind of ewww the first several times, I eventually got to enjoy the whole experience because it's pretty exciting to me to get a guy off that way.

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It's so personal. My boyfriend the 3rd guy I gave head to! I liked everything that had to do with giving the 2nd guy a bj right from the 1st time.

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We did it a lot and he knew it turned me on too. I definitely do like it now. Is this still revelant? I swallow because I enjoy swallowing. I like everything about it. I'm an oral sex fan and a cum swallowing fan. The taste is almost always good and sometimes it's great. Sweet cum is best, but salty cum is good too. Sometimes there's almost no flavor at all and I'm disappointed with that.

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Texture wise my husband's cum is almost always thick and creamy which I like very much. Rarely it's watery and that is also disappointing to the point of being shocking to me when it happens. I swallow no matter what and I always tell him it was good. If it was better than usual I do my tony the tiger impression and tell him it was great. Sex is very mental and I wouldn't want to put any negative thoughts into his head!

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RedStiletto Xper 4. Honestly, I swallow my man's come because it is a part of him. I mean if you are headed downtown on a man and you are not willing to accept that he will shoot a wad of cum, then why go down at all? I can't think of anything more degrading to a man than have his chick spit out or not accept his essence.