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She may be desperate, but not so desperate. After all, instead of fucking a geek to get good grades, she can just fuck her professors. She goes back to her bedroom, where she expects her boyfriend to fulfill her bondage fantasy, tying herself up to the bed and blindfolded herself in her sexiest lingerie. Her plan also sounds foolproof, but her boyfriend has another idea. She may not need to geek, but he does, and he offers him a sweet deal, to fuck his girlfriend in exchange for his knowledge. The geek sneaks into her bedroom, where she is waiting for her boyfriend, tied up, naked and blindfolded!

She tells him to untie her so she can keep sucking and stroking his cock and licking his balls with her head dangling from the side of the bed while he rubs her pussy.

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He gets to fuck her delicious asshole in many different positions and to top it off, he blows his creamy load all over her sexy body! She never would have guessed that she would be bound to her bed, fully naked, with her stepdad standing above her.

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She thought that she had the house to herself and her boyfriend. But just as he tied her up to the bed, they heard a car pull up, and instead of untying her, her boyfriend bolted. Now she was trapped on the bed, naked and horny.

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The blush spread from her cheeks to her neck and tits. Her stepdad was looking at her with lust in his eyes, and his big hand gripped her favorite vibrator. Without another word, he reached over to place the vibrating head on her sensitive nipples.

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The wand in his hand reached the edge of her panties, and in her mind, she was begging him to go further and place the vibrator on her clit. She needed him to fuck her better than her boyfriend ever did. She could feel her juices dripping from her opening. He kneeled in front of her and used his big strong arms to spread her legs and keep her in place. She closed her eyes and let herself get overwhelmed.

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He set her free, and the naked girl rushed to her knees. She took his hard dick in her hands, and she sucked him like a good girl. She wanted him to be even harder, so she could milk his cock with her pussy in every position. When she gasped for air, he pushed her back on the bed and thrust his cock inside of her tight kitty.

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His big member stretched out her soaking wet walls. Her stepdad was drilling her hard and fast, on her bed, making her cum and cum and cum. When she closed her eyes, she felt his cum hit her toned stomach. Another hot, hard orgasm shook her body.

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He was rude and annoying. But when her roommate said that she was making him a surprise, she figured the douchebag could get lost for a couple of hours and give them a little space. She never got what her roommate saw in him, but she could be nice just today and as she was told.

So when the douchebag came back, Georgia went to tell Gabriella the bad news, but found her roommate blindfolded, tied up, in sexy lingerie, spread-eagled on the bed! She knew she could not miss such a chance!

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So she got on the bed, slowly pulled her panties aside, admiring her pussy! She ran her fingers through her pubic hair. She could smell sex and arousal.

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She ran her finger up her wet pink slit, causing her to moan. Her tongue touched her pussy, gently licking her lips and caressing her clit. The taste and smell of her aroused black pussy drove her crazy with lust. She began licking her hard, sucking on her clit, kissing her labia and making her gorgeous roommate cum. Georgia got up to grab her strap-on and fuck her pretending to be her boyfriend.

She was now on the bed, on all fours. She slid her dick inside of her and pounded hard.

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She fucked her best friend, and she knew that she was doing a better job than her loser boyfriend. So when Gabi took off her blindfold and saw her roommate, she was shocked. But she was not about to put a stop to the best fuck in her life.

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So she climbed on top of her and rode her like a cowgirl. Two naked girls had the time of their life, licking, tongue fucking their pussies and assholes.

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But maybe they were being too loud because the douchebag woke up. He went upstairs to find the girls grinding their pussies together. All they cared about was getting their clits sucked. She ended up tied up to her bed, with her long legs spread, and her pussy on display. She even wore her best lingerie set for this date. This teen babe could feel her cunt throbbing and dripping all over the bed from excitement. But her boyfriend was not as brave as her, so when they heard the front door open, he bailed.

Her boyfriend left her on the bed, all tied up, naked and hopeless. He walked into her room, not expecting to see his stepsister tied up and naked, but there she was. At first he decided to untie her, but then he saw the perfect opportunity for him to teach his stepsister a lesson! So he climbed on the bed, her beautiful pussy was in front of his face, dripping wet. He slowly ran his tongue through her slit.

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Things were just about to get spicy when the stranger started being creepy. A seemingly innocent phone call quickly turned into a life or death game for her. She escaped to her bedroom and helplessly watched him approaching before he pulled his fat dick out, revealing to be the boyfriend who was trying to prank her!

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The hottie was quick to forgive him and put the mask back on, as she only needed his raging boner at the moment. She started passionately slobbering all over it, deepthroating like a true pro and choking on his massive size. His cock was soon all slippery from his precum and her spit spilling over. Such intense cock sucking made her face all messy and even more fuckable, but her pussy was also dripping wet and aching for a good fuck.

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She swiftly stripped naked and bent over for him, giving him nothing else to do but grab that firm, bubbly ass and shove his member deep inside. Just moments later, he was vigorously pounding her doggy style, listening to those erotic moans of pleasure coming out of her lusty mouth. The rougher he was, the harder she begged for more, sucking him off in various exotic positions, showing off her sensual flexibility. After another sloppy throat fucking session, the naked babe ended on top of him. The hottie took the initiative and was now impaling herself relentlessly. She even started fingering her ass in desire, before giving up the control and letting him do it while fucking her brains out.

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This petite blonde is a kinky, little slut who loves experimenting and doing all kinds of naughty things with her boyfriend. On this particular day, she was feeling extra horny and wanted him to tie her to a bed. After gently stripping her almost naked, revealing her slim body and tiny tits, he tied her hands and legs to the edges of the bed and started teasing her with a vibrator. Her pussy was already dripping and she was already squirming in satisfaction before he left the toy inside of her and sat nearby, controlling it and watching her enjoy this pleasant torture.

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He placed naked girl on her back and picked her legs up, removing the toy from her pussy but leaving her tied up to lick both of her wet holes. After enjoying sensual oral, she finally untied herself and went on to slobber on his massive cock.

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Wanting to reward him for giving her all the pleasure just moments ago, she was going deep and rough, making sure his boner was all wet and slippery and ready to pound her. Hot blonde was going all the way down right off the bat, screaming in pleasure and enjoying him massaging her tight asshole at the same time. She was constantly cumming, switching positions, wanting to be fucked in every way and from every angle possible.