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Much of the story is centered around 's career as an increasingly prominent officer in the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Anakin: Oh really funny.

Okay, maybe that was a little funny. Of doing nothing but staring at the console screen, going back and forth to feed the prisoners and retrieving their empty trays.

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By now I had learned nearly all their name, their little quirks and whether or not I wanted to have my revenge against the Separatists for putting me through such torture. Perhaps you should go to the medical bay. I'm sure they'll have the medication for your brown-nosing condition. Iraknian General: There are millions of my people there!

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I cannot evacuate so many in so little time! You cannot do this! Himmler : Sacrifice a few million to save your planet or let billions become slaves to the corporate will of the Confederacy. It is for the greater good!

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Metal bodies ran into armored squishy ones. They just pummeled the clones with their fists. One picked up a screaming clone and began using him as a makeshift club.

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His saber flashed as it cut through droids like a plasma knife through Corellian butter Echo: We're always outed. Can't be that bad. I popped out of cover and let the programming do the job.

Shaak ti: above & beyond

I fired a few bolts Mentally, I frowned and forcibly took control, ignoring the protests of my programming. Sighting down the barrel of my blaster, I pulled the trigger, striking a clone in the arm on the other end of the corridor.

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Obi-Wan : " Unless you want to try your hand at stopping that battleship from crashing with the Force, no. Anakin stared at Obi-wan with an incredulous expression for a moment.

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Obi-wan returned his stare levelly before exasperation filled his face. Clone Prisoner: "Never thought I'd say this to a clanker, but Soldier : Buzzers in the ventilation! They're - Eiiiaaaah! Show Spoilers.

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