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This site contains adult content. If you are new here, please for a basic guide to getting startedas well as a description of what you can find on this site.

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This contains links to webs which may contain language and other explicit material not suitable for children and teens under 18 over 21 in AL, MS, NE and WY plus other jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to comply with your local laws. By accessing thisyou are certifying that you are of legal adult age and are therefore liable for any ramifications, legal or otherwise, that may arise from your viewing and reading the contents herein.

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The act of accessing this indicates agreement on your part with all of the above statements. It is widely considered true that a person will not accept hypnotic suggestions that they don't want to act out, however in this file the listener is invited to pretend that is not true.

Random playlist day 3 (ish)

This recording is simple hands free orgasm experience that focuses on allowing pleasure to happen all on its own. All you need is a private place to relax and enjoy. For this recording you will want to be in a private place, naked and ready to touch. In this file the listener will be made to chant mantras as they touch and forced to twist and pinch their nipples for my amusement.

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Suggestions to be more obedient in and out of trance are given. There are no orgasm commands in this recording.

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At the very end of this recording the listener is given permission to gently touch their nipples and enjoy it to the fullest extent. This recording is deed for female listeners.

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For this recording the listener should be either completely naked or wearing just a collar with some pillows nearby to hump. The only stimulation the listener will be permitted is from humping the pillows. The listener will be made to chant out loud the mantra "I am a Good Girl, Good Girls are Blank" over and over throughout this file. Suggestions to be blank and obedient, never resist hypnosis, and to enjoy being naked and trained via Erotic hypnosis playlist are given. This recording will command you to orgasm so don't listen if you are avoiding orgasms.

This recording is a short hypnotic fantasy roleplay file where the listener is a hacker who seems to have bitten off a bit more than they can handle. The listener is integrated into a an AI entity only known as the System as a biological component and has their mind wiped out with pleasure. The listener is made to edge and chant Erotic hypnosis playlist mantra in this file. At then of his experience the listener is given an optional wake up command.

In this custom recording the listener has been kidnaped and will be having a certain type of brainwashing helmet used on them as some sort of experiment. The listener is strapped down onto an exanimating table and given some sort of hypnotic drug through an iv as the brainwashing commences. The helmet shocks the listener in a deeply pleasurable way forcing them to become blank and empty as their brain is fried and then rewired. For this recording the listener will want to be lying down in a comfortable position and not have important things to attend to immediately after listening.

This recording is an intense HFO experience and will involve multiple powerful and intense mindgasms that may leave the listener in an altered state even after the recording ends.

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This recording is recommended for more advanced listeners and will have no instructions to touch in it. This custom recording is deed to make the listener want to actively exercise so they can make their muscles bigger. The listener will be told that as their muscles get bigger they will become aroused. There will be instructions to edge and deny yourself an orgasm though out this file. This file is deed to be listened to lying down right before you go to bed. The language in this recording is gender neutral but terms like stoke are used while you are touching.

This custom recording is a hypnotic fantasy where the listener is taking part in an experiment of sorts. Unfortunately the doctor running the experiment has other plans for the listener and tricks them into inhaling a hypnotic gas. The doctor then teases and toys with the listener in their sleepy and suggestible state and then lulls them into a deep sleep to conduct further experiments.

There is no wake up command at the end of this recording. For this custom recording you will want to have a spiral of your choice ready to look at as your deeply hypnotized and Erotic hypnosis playlist in place where you can drift off into sleep at the end of this recording. This recording has heavy obedience and submission suggestions in it along with pleasure and arousal suggestions. You will be made to feel helpless to hypnotic spirals and unable resist their effects. When in an appropriate and safe place a spiral can hypnotize you in seconds.

You will be made to feel tied up by bands of invisible energy in this file that makes it impossible for you to touch no matter how hard you try. Eventually you will be pushed over the edge and made to orgasm hands free before being lulled into deep submissive sleep. Suggestions to obey my voice and stop thinking when I speak are given. Erotic hypnosis playlist custom recording is deed for male listeners. The listener will be made to chant out loud the mantra "I am a Good Boy, Good Boys are Blank" over and over throughout this file.

This recording is a more intense than normal Mind Melter recording that uses additional audio tracks to surround you from all angles as you are hypnotized and brainwashed actively avoid orgasming and enjoy edging.

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This recording contains suggestions to always avoid orgasms, to ruin any orgasm even if you receive a direct command to orgasm, to never want to resist hypnosis, to enjoy being naked and hypnotized, and to train to this recording again. The listener will be made to masturbate using only the tip of a single finger in a slow spiraling pattern deed to keep them on the edge. Only listen if you are interested in a more intense orgasm denial experience. It may take multiple uses of a remove hypnotic suggestions recording in order to regain your ability to orgasm.

This recording will leave lasting hypnotic suggestions for your to actively avoid orgasming and only desire to edge yourself so you can make yourself hornier and more aroused in and out of trance. Being aroused will be linked to being happy and just edging will become part of your identity. Even if you are given a direct orgasm command you may find yourself preferring to ruin that orgasm automatically and effortlessly.

Please listen to this file in a private place. You will be given instructions to touch and edge in this recording. Again only listen to this recording if you are interested in a Erotic hypnosis playlist and lasting orgasm denial experience. It may take repeated use of a remove hypnotic suggestions recording in order for you to regain the ability to freely orgasm again.

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The listener is guided through an erotic fantasy deed to help unleash their creative side as an expression of their sexuality and submissive desires. This recording will have the listener being hypnotized by the eyes of an entity who is a demanding personification of their desire to create.

The listener will be guided to a place deep in their mind made to strip and masturbate to orgasm and is forced to drink an elixir that transforms them into a means of expression for the desires of the muse entity. This recording will leave lingering hypnotic suggestions Erotic hypnosis playlist the listener to feel more open in expressing their creative side throughout any medium.

This recording is a continuation of the first Asset of the Agency recording. This recording is best used after you have listened to the No Wake Up version of the Asset of the Agency recording. Warning, this recording is intense and is not recommended for people wanting a relaxing experience or for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

The listener regains consciousness in a cell after the events of the first recording but soon after they wake up they are Erotic hypnosis playlist to a room with a large clear cylindrical tank filled with a biofeedback gel used to measure data about how the listener uses their powers. The listener is given a breathing mask and submerged into this tank. The listener is made to use their powers before something happens. If you want to find out what that something is please feel free to listen.

There is no wake up command at the end of the recording. If you are interested in commissioning a custom recording please feel free to me a detailed description of the project you want at ultrahypnosis gmail. This recording is deed for female listeners.

For this reason there is a full wake up section at the end of this recording. In this recording the listener starts out naked, on the ground, kneeling on all fours. They are spanked by me as punishment for misbehaving.

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As the listener is spanked they are commanded to chant a mantra out loud. As the listener is spanked they are degraded and verbally abused. Eventually the listener is told to masturbate and get close to an orgasm before being denied. The listener is given instructions that they are Erotic hypnosis playlist permitted to orgasm for the rest of today as part of their punishment. This custom hypnosis recording is deed for male listeners. In this recording the listener is going to place where they can receive a special form of tickling therapy.

The listener is made to strip naked and is hypnotized via a pair of hypnotic screens set into googles and a breathing mask that delivers hypnotic gas directly into their lungs before they are strapped into a set of "hover-cuffs" which are devices that allow me to have full access to the listener's body as they suspended in bondage in midair. The listener is then tickled mercilessly as they are helpless to fight me off as they are forced to listen to brainwashing suggestion to enjoyed being tickled like this.

Contains tracks

The listener is touched everywhere and made to feel arousal from being touched and tickled. Eventually the listener is released and they are given the optional suggestion of letting unhelpful hypnotic suggestions fade away if they don't want to feel lingering effects from this recording. This recording is best listened to naked in a private place where you can freely chant mantras out loud. In this recording the listener is teased and toyed with as their mind is stripped away reducing them to a happy, horny, hypnotized Trance Slut.

There are suggestions to enjoy touching only while hypnotized and to forget how to even resist hypnosis in this recording. You will need to be sitting down in a chair for this hypnosis recording. This is a short Slave Hypnosis recording that will focus on teasing the listener with arousal as their hands are hypnotically bound to their sides as they sit in their chair.

The listener is granted to permission to touch at the end of this recording and is given a heavy suggestion to masturbate while being hypnotized to something else but it is not required. There is also a light, indirect suggestion to show that you "like" this recording. There is some slight verbal degradation and humiliation in this recording also.

The induction of this recording is short and is deed for experience listeners eager to drop Erotic hypnosis playlist.