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It was time again for her to see her gynecologist. She usually got the early morning appointments, but the office had called a few days ago to change hers. They said her usual doctor was out on leave for a few weeks and would she mind taking an appointment with someone else — a Dr.

David Johnson. As she entered the building, she thought about what would happen. She usually had to psyche herself up for a gynecologist exam. Its not that she hated it, but in order to relax, she tried to think of it as being sexual. As the doctors fingers manipulated her vulva, she would think of her husband who so expertly knew her body. As the speculum entered her vagina, she would think of her large smooth vibrator she has at home, pushing its way into her.

And as the doctors finger gently probed her ass hole, she thought of her own finger, which frequently made explorations to her back hole. A slight tingle passed through her pussy as she thought of this new doctor. The waiting room was empty and she went to the window to announce her arrival. The receptionist smiled and asked her the usual questions — was she feeling OK, when was her last period, any other factors they should know about.

The receptionist confirmed that her appointment was with Dr. Lisa answered politely while trying to keep an eye on the room behind the desk, hoping for a glimpse of this new doctor. Just as she turned to have a seat, she saw a young Japanese man in a white coat coming towards the desk with a clipboard. She felt a rush in seeing him and stood there for a second, briefly making eye contact with him before she Erotic doctors visit into the waiting room.

She had always been attracted to Oriental men, their strength and physique. She had never made love to one, but had masturbated many times fantasizing about it. As she sat Erotic doctors visit and looked back, he had already left. She hoped somehow that a very young Japanese man could somehow be Dr. Johnson most likely was some 60 yr. Lisa went through the door into the area where the exam rooms where.

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The young Asian man came over with a chart. He smiled nicely and motioned for Lisa to follow him. She had to maintain a straight face!

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He left the room and she began to undress. But she asked and he wanted everything, so …. She took off her blouse and laid it carefully over the chair. Then came the skirt and pantyhose. She always wore her Victorias Secret matching sets to her gynecologist appointments. Good lingerie always helped her get that sexy feeling.

Today she wore the lavender lace cup demi-bra, with matching lace thong panties. Each had a small bow in the middle, as if her goods were part of a present. As she took off her bra, she saw the mirror against the wall and looked at herself.

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She smiled as she exposed her firm 34B breasts and put her bra on top of her clothes. She loved her small, round breasts with their pink nipples. She stood sideways to admire their pointy profile in the mirror. Then she gripped her panties.

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Uh-oh, she had forgotten about her shaved pussy! She felt a flush of embarrassment, which turned into excitement as she envisioned the handsome student doctor peering between her legs. Lisa then felt her lips swell slightly, and her clitoris enlarge a bit, causing it to protrude from her hood.

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She slid her thong down her legs, and as she was picking it up, she noticed the faint smell of her pussy. Now the room had the smell of her pussy and while it was faint, it was also unmistakable. This was another reason why she always got the first appointment in the morning!

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Being the sexual person she is, of course, meant that she liked her own smell, and taste, for that matter. Of course she preferred it coming from her husbands face but she enjoyed it anytime. Lisa took her thong and placed it next to her bra.

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She purposely left them on top of the rest of her clothes. After all, what the purpose of wearing Victorias Secret if no one ever knows! She slid the gown over her arms and walked over to the examination table.

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Before she turned around to sit up on the table, the door opened and Dr. Wang came in the room. She knew her butt was exposed and quickly turned around and got on the table.

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He looked down, but smiled, making it obvious that he had gotten a look at her backside. Any problems we should know about? He took her temperature, but frowned as he read the thermometer, just as Dr. Johnson walked in. Now Lisa was really embarrassed!

Johnson was not a 60 yr. She was going to be poked and prodded in her most private personal places by these two attractive men! Another flush fell over her and she knew her excitement would be noticed by the two men. How wrong she would end up being! The doctor looked at her chart, exchanged a few words with his student, and then addressed Lisa.

Lisa’s new gyno doctor

Lisa looked quizzically at him and hesitated. She kept her legs closed, but noticed the doctor glance at her crotch. He could tell she was shaven as her upper lips were showing. Johnson put down his chart and asked Lisa to raise one arm up over her head and put it behind her back. He began to feel her breast, pressing down with two fingers and slowly rotating them.

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His hands felt warm and soft as he worked his way around the outside of her right breast, pressing, making circles and moving on. Lisa was watching his hands work on her breasts. She enjoyed watching her husband fondle her and this was no different. As his nimble fingers slowly approached the center of her breast, she watched her nipple harden. She was thoroughly enjoying his slow intimate touch.

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Just before she closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling, she noticed Dr. Wang staring intently at the manipulation of her breasts by the doctor. With that image, she closed her eyes as some very sexy thoughts crossed her mind. She was aching for the doctors fingers to touch her nipple.

She knew he would, but it was taking forever!

Lisa’s new gyno doctor

Her nipple stood way out, as if it was reaching for his fingers. She breathed heavily and shifted in as effort to brush against his hand. When he finally got to her nipple, she had goose bumps. She felt her lips open and just managed to hold back a soft moan. Lisa was getting very excited and Dr. Johnson could tell something was up. He noticed her closed eyes, and her parted lips as he pressed and pinched her nipple. I hope her husband knows how special these are and pays the appropriate attention to them! Lisa gave a shudder as he startled her. She had been lost in a trance while enjoying the sensations.

He continued with the same pattern on this breast, pressing and rotating.

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Lisa enjoyed every touch as his fingers glided over her breast. Johnson took his time knowing that his pretty female patient was enjoying this attention. Eventually he got to her nipple, Lisa was again aching for his touch, and when he did she felt a rush in her loins. He pussy was wetting itself, and her thighs were going to become sticky with her juice. Lisa smiled to herself, thinking of how the handsome doctor and his student would react when they examined her vaginal area.

Johnson, as he finished his notes on the clipboard. Lisa hesitated for a moment, as her eyes opened and she came out of her dream like state.