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The City of Detroit wants to shut down a long-standing strip club on the east side that community leaders say has been a magnet for violence and other nefarious activity. A two-year police investigation uncovered several violations at Erotic City, Conant, including selling and smoking marijuana, patrons touching dancers while indecent and noise complaints, officials said at a news conference this morning at a church parking lot across the street from the club. In September, two employees were caught on video firing guns outside the club. Erotic City's business was revoked after a hearing in December, but city law allows it to remain open for 90 days while the owner appeals the revocation. Patrick McQueeney, a lawyer representing the club, said the city's administrative hearing was one-sided. He said nobody from the club has been arrested or charged with shooting a gun unlawfully.

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The booth was big enough for 15 people.

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After the strangers finished with the girl, her stepfather took his turn. The girl would later estimate that over the course of two years, she had sex with her stepfather 80 to 90 times in hotel rooms, parks, houses and cars, and at Erotic City.

The girl, now 18, waits alone in the back of a sterile courtroom for the sentencing of her stepfather and alleged abuser, Jesse Franklin Herd III. Federal prosecutors accuse Herd of taking the girl across state lines with the intent of prostituting her and engaging in other sex acts. Herd could have faced a maximum life sentence, but he has admitted the allegations and ed a plea agreement guaranteeing him 18 years in federal prison.

Her curly hair is pulled back.

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She clutches a couple of sheets of notebook paper, on which she has written her first public statement to her stepfather. To protect her identity, court records refer to her only by her initials. Herd enters the courtroom through a side door.

The 6-foot-3, pound Herd dwarfs his attorney, Paul Dent. His once shaggy hair is flat, white with black patches in the back. His goatee frames the corners of his mouth. Family members — wife, children, father, mother- and father-in-law — fill the benches behind him. A girl with shoulder-length dark hair, maybe in her mid-teens, blows Herd a kiss from the front row of benches behind the defense table.

Herd smiles. Tears slide down her cheeks as she darts out of the courtroom. The bikers empty the benches and follow her. Her loud crying is audible through the double doors. Herd has a smirk on his face as he looks over his left shoulder at his family. Jesse Herd lies.

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The worst lie he told was to Shorty in July According to court records, Herd told the thenyear-old that he was taking her to The Shady Ladya Kansas City, Missouri, strip club, to count money and take inventory. The Shady Lady is a family-owned business, Spinello says, and Herd was never involved.

According to court documents, Herd never took Shorty to the strip club that night in July Herd, who was 32 at the time, drove to a park and asked three homeless-looking men if they wanted to have a good time. They did. Herd checked Shorty into a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri.


The men showered, and then Herd laid out the rules: The three could have their way with Shorty while Herd videotaped the gangbang. Court records do not say whether Herd charged the men, who took turns having sex with Shorty. He was next. On the drive home, Herd gave Shorty the sex tape and told her to throw it out the window.

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It was the only sex tape that Herd made of Shorty. Herd told Shorty that she would never have to have sex with him or other men again, according to court documents. A few days later, it happened again. He threatened to kill her if she refused. The alleged abuse grew worse. Herd and Shorty frequented the upstairs area, a strip club called the Attic Lounge.

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Until this January, when the Jackson County Legislature responded to the charges against Herd by barring locks and doors on video booths, Erotic City had served as a destination for those seeking anonymous sex. There was no rape that happened there.

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I have no knowledge of any part of it. At Erotic City, Herd introduced Shorty as his year-old girlfriend. Jimmerson told investigators that he had met Herd 15 years before, when both were Erotic City patrons. Herd also claimed to be the owner of a Kansas City trucking company.

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Herd and Shorty went to Erotic City an average of three times a month in the course of two years, Jimmerson estimated for investigators. That included Herd, who left the door open so others could watch or in. Herd had no trouble finding men to take his stepdaughter down the chipped staircase, court records claim. Shorty sometimes had sex with up to 20 men at once. Jimmerson hosted sex parties at his home in Basehor, Kansas, according to court documents.

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The parties were more of the same; Shorty would have sex with several men, ending with Herd. Court records also show that Herd often took Shorty to hotels. He checked into the La Quinta at Taney at p. The last record for Herd there is dated February 13, A week later, Shorty told a neighbor.

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While Herd was allegedly prostituting Shorty at Erotic City throughouthe was also coaching her fast-pitch softball team. Herd was an assistant coach with the Kansas City Storm, a and-younger summer tournament team that played around the metro and traveled around the country. Former players say he was well-liked and a good coach. He really taught us a lot, and we ended up being pretty good, at least for our division.

Vessels says Herd would sometimes make sexual jokes to his players. She says she first thought they were innocent. Keech says his relationship with Herd was cordial. He says Herd was a good coach and knew the game. They never fought. There was never a of abuse. For her to go against Jesse would be a huge transformation of her attitude.

Several people involved with the Storm Erotic city strip club Herd lied to parents, coaches and players and said he was part owner of a strip club. On a Colorado road trip, Keech says he gave a talk to his players about abstinence. He had never heard a complaint until he spoke to the Storm in Herd told Keech not to talk about sex with Shorty. The bikers follow and, finally, so does Shorty.

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Shorty sits among bikers in the back of the courtroom. Her eyes are wide and filled with fright.


Now, he sits with a calm look on his face, his family behind him. Meanwhile, Shorty has lost her mother, sisters and grandparents. The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services took custody of her after the allegations against Herd were made.

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When the hearing begins, Assistant U. Attorney Kim Martin tells U. District Judge Kathryn Vratil that Shorty is satisfied with the plea agreement. Shorty was relieved when prosecutors called and told her that they had made a deal, Martin says. For the first time, Shorty was going to speak.