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Geralt vs Dovahkiin. Geralt and Dovahkiin, they are the Witcher and Dragonborn! Heroes of the most popular and best RPGs in recent years! Imagine that at some point they were opponents on the same battlefield. Or, for example, the Witcher took up the job of capturing the Dragonborn Who would have won such a confrontation?

The Witcher has power, fast and group fighting styles, which gives him an advantage over any type of opponents. The Witcher has advanced knowledge of alchemy, which allows him to make all kinds of potions.

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In difficult times, you can heal or strengthen reflexes. If we talk about outside help, then the wounded Geralt can always enlist the support of other witches Dovahkiin does not differ in special skill in using weapons, he relies more on a variety of blades and magic. Dragonborn knows such magic as Restoration, Destruction, Illusion, which can compete with the Witcher's spells. There is an assumption that in an open, fair fight, the Witcher has a better chance of winning.

Geralt of rivia vs the dragonborn, who would win? (spoilers)

He handles the weapon better, his own blades are more reliable than even the enchanted swords and maces of Dovahkiin. But on the side of the Dragonborn, Shouts are very powerful forces emanating from dragon souls, which seem to be more powerful than the Witcher's spells. At the same time, Geralt has superhuman abilities, agility and regeneration. Plus he is an expert in alchemy, and other witches will always intercede for him. Dragonborn can only Dragonborn vs geralt on random allies. Predicting the outcome of such a battle is very difficult.

Leave a vote for your favorite, and then we will find out who the Winner is! Whatever genres emerge from the waters of the gaming industry and hide in them, whatever genres become popular and lose their popularity dusty military shooters, this is about youfantasy RPGs are unshakable like rocks - and still the same popular. We live in post-Skyrim time, so today only the lazy does not resort to comparing the two mentioned games. There is a mystical protagonist.

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Fencing with swords - yes. The use of frightening magic - yes. An extremely inexperienced player, at first glance, and at the second and third, may take these games for one and the same game. Do you remember when you first stepped into the territory of Skyrim?

How did you lose your breath and pound your heart while playing with your imagination? And you swore that the day would come when you would storm that remote summit covered in snow, even if it took you two hours to jump over ledges that were not meant for Nords. In Nilfgaard, on the contrary, you do not feel such spaciousness, despite the fact that the size of Nilfgaard is larger than the size of Skyrim by 20 percent.

By this we mean that city layouts look much more realistic and recognizable.

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One of his Polish colleagues once said that he feels at home in the world of The Witcher 3 - apparently, here he means stunning landscapes, and not wooden houses and a population dressed in rags. Everything in the world of the third Witcher is filled with a delightful medieval atmosphere of colored tapestry, from flora and fauna to fortresses. Which, most likely, makes the atmosphere much more alive when compared with the almost completely isolated hub cities in Skyrim.

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You can put together the meaning of the plot of both games in a couple of words: dragon hunt vs demon hunt. Throw in the flaring civil war, the ruthless invading army, and you're done.

The storytelling in Skyrim, like the plot itself, is as simple as in a fairy tale. This, of course, is far from bad - you can explore the world for hundreds of hours before you take on the next story quest, and still remember what is happening. The Witcher, on the other hand, plays with a different card - a deep plot and a verified narration interspersed with pseudo-adult themes, all this originates from the release of the original game in But, of course, this is expected, because The Witcher is based on the works of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

And yet, the Witcher breaks the unspoken rule of all video games - the game takes control from the player during descriptive cutscenes. So who are you? Take a look in the mirror and tell me who you are. Well, you are either the incredibly attractive and angular Geralt of Dragonborn vs geralt, or If you want to be a fat agronian thief - go ahead.

Due to the fact that Geralt is a character that the player cannot change, he is naturally stronger in this case for example, regardless of your choice in the game, you can almost always guess his reaction to a particular situation based on the original source. Skyrim lets you create a unique personality for your wild-haired, half-naked Dunmer freak. The game provides two sides of the exploration of the fantasy world: a peaceful unwinding of a spinning epic spindle or a complete escape into exciting escapism. So Skyrim provides the Dragonborn vs geralt to fulfill the player's desire, because you are history.

The Witcher 3 is more focused on the story of the adventures of the legendary hero. Both games give the player some of the most sophisticated gameplay to be seen on this side of Mundus. There are courtship, and choice, and battles for a just cause depending on what you think is right. And despite this, the combat systems in both games lack something.

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In Skyrim, your gear can seem a bit cumbersome to you - unless, of course, you only use Foos Ro Da to scare mountain goats. Okay, the controls aren't that awkward compared to anything like Assassins' Creed: Brotherhood, but not as smooth as Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Witcher 3 shows itself better here, the controls are not as precise as they try to look we managed to chop the air more often than enemies, and we died much more in The Witcher because of the amazing air chopping.

Showing quest quests in Skyrim looks completely out of place, depressingly long lists of quests that you will never complete completely.

Geralt vs dovahkiin

Just look at the terrifying crafting possibilities in every game. This does not stop the player from collecting any things that just came into view, in the hope that the player will need this stolen plate to save the world no, it will not be needed. But what makes a game a game is the choices you make as you progress.

Skyrim is focused on creating the hero you always wanted to be even if you have a Math grade at school. The Third Witcher, on the other hand, is centered around the formation of the story during the time you do not spend playing Gwent in the tavern.

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And that brings us to the biggest difference in the presentation of the genre by games - where one of the games provides freedom, the other, like a laser beam, is focused on choice. Listen to us if you disagree, because at the moment you are most likely rolling your eyes with the thoughts "but both games provide both freedom and choice.

In Skyrim, the player is driven by freedom, while The Witcher 3 is based on choice. Of course, in Skyrim there is also a place for a choice - the character itself, dialogues, guilds, whether to kill all non-playable characters in the area or not, Dragonborn vs geralt the basis of the game is precisely in the ability to go anywhere and do anything, which will help the community of modders extremely skillfully.

Freedom is exactly what makes it possible to spend hours in this sandbox - and continue to spend time in it after. Since the main pore in The Witcher 3 is on the narrative, the emphasis is shifting towards the choice - how you would like the story of Geralt to develop, and also how you would like the world around you to change. Fantasy has always been about creating, exploring, and discovering new worlds - and going into them. Although both games are quite similar in their fantasy style, their presentation of gameplay, storytelling and setting are different.

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This gives the player to the player vastly different ways to create and navigate a world in a way that no other art form can provide. Okay, let's pretend that the colonial troops put a sharpened sword to your throat and say that you can only play one of the games: you have to choose the best one. And this is difficult.

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Both Skyrim and The Witcher make you feel at the center of a fantasy adventure that is both captivating and captivating. But Skyrim is a game dedicated to exploring the fantasy world in a way that only a game can provide. And she fully embraces this way - from creating your own character to writing your own story - such a vast experience cannot be provided by any literary work and other games simply cannot match it.

What's cooler the witcher 3 or skyrim. geralt vs dovahkiin

So let's drink to this - will someone keep company over a mug of mead? These are two great games and none of them is squalid, on the contrary, each of them is great in the highest degree, it's just a matter of taste. Less than a few years later, in the once most famous computer games, which differed in that they were developed specifically for the keyboard and mouse, the gamepad intervened, whether it was not okay.

If Mass Effect can be forgiven for this, since the game was originally developed on xbox, then the Elder Scroll and The Witcher series are hard to forgive. And this despite the fact that The Witcher 2 was not released on the console, and even so far the development of the console version has not begun.