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Click to see full answer. Beside this, are Scooter Pies still made? But the lamented, year-old Scooter Pie cookie is pretty much a lost puppy. Yes, they're still madeand they once were widely distributed, but gradually they lost ground in the supermarket cookie shelf-space wars. The Scooter Pies manufacturer has been owned by eight different companies in the last dozen years. Subsequently, question is, what's the difference between a scooter pie and a Moon Pie?

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These seem to have such tasty potential: Chocolate, cookie and marshmallow.

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What could go wrong? The marshmallow was blah, the chocolate was pretty much undetectable and I thought the cookie had kind of a chemical taste, Ethan thought he tasted a hint of banana. The cookie texture was odd to us too: not crisp but not soft.

Who made scooter pies?

Moon Pie: Moon Pie looked better but I guess just because it had a less traumatic ride home from the store. Wrap up: I feel a little bad not liking either of these because I know one of these must be very popular but neither were edible beyond 2 bites.

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Fake chocolate, gluey marshmallow and stale-like cookies were all we tasted. I can imagine a home-made version of these would be fantastic though.

Chattanooga bakery scooter pie twin packs, 12 pk.

View. Supposedly, the Moon Pie is the original.

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I prefer Mallomars, they have the same three parts, but in a different arrangement. There are also really god after a short spin in the microwave. I have only bought it in my adulthood for the nostalgia aspect.

Scooter pies vs moon pies

I would definitely go the way of homemade on these. You should try choco pies. You can find them in Asian markets under the brand names Orion or Lotte.

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Both have a nice thick marshmallow disk? Who cares about these? The scooter pie I ate when I was a kid was different.

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They taste better. I am not impressed…They dont make them like they use to….

Whither the scooter pie

I think I saw one of these in the gas station down the street. I forget which.

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Oh well, neither of these seem appealing. If you absolutely had to choose one, which would you take? There is no real explanation of history. They see it and taste it and call it a Whoopie Pie. Hey, I make my carbs count!

Scooter pies

Lots of nostalgia in my sugar feasts. Choco Pies are good too, especially if they are slightly frozen.

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Scooter or Moon Pies? Scooter Pie Moon Pie Neither please, thank you.

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A homemade version of these could really be delicious. Yeah, and you should call it something crazy like. Moon Pies are better after being thrown from a float.

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Scooter Pies are made by the same bakery.