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Chapter One: Diapers for Three Alan Bartholomew lay alone in bed listening for the sound he was longing to hear. Torturous minutes passed slowly until he heard the sound of his own front door closing. It was am and his daughter, Melissa had finally left for work. Nineteen-year-old Melissa Bartholomew had only recently returned to live with her father.

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Her parent's divorce had been a bitter, spiteful affair and her mother had taken out her vengeance on Alan by using Melissa as a weapon of convenience. It wasn't exactly an original idea. An ex-wife denying a father access to his only child was par for the course in the ugly world of divorce and child custody.

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And so it was that Melissa had completely disappeared from her father's life a few days before her tenth birthday. He had neither seen nor spoken to her in almost ten years until the fateful phone call three weeks earlier. Melissa and her mother were fighting. Badly, and often.

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And suddenly, it had gotten nasty. The unresolved bitterness in her mother's soul had eaten her from the inside out. The ugliness had finally reached the surface and created ugly scars and holes for all to see. She had flaunted her daughter's secret problem in her face once too often. Melissa had had enough and so took her meagre possessions and left.

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There was only one place for her to go - her father's. In truth, there were a few friends or even relatives who would have taken he in, even if grudgingly. But in the final breakup with her mother, she realised that she had allowed her father to be taken from her and had not even fought it. But now she was free and her decisions were her own — for good or for ill. It was shock that Alan had felt for a few seconds after answering the phone. The voice was not all that familiar but the word daddy was. Ten seconds of pleasantries passed before Alan was inviting, no beggingMelissa to return to the town she had known as.

He no longer lived in the same house. The financial disaster called divorce had forced him to smaller accommodations. But there were three bedrooms, one of which was spare with an empty bed just waiting for a warm body to turn it into a place called home. Alan stepped out of bed and stripped off his pyjamas. Stark naked, he walked to Melissa's bedroom door Diaper masturbation stories reverently opened it.

Diaper stories

He smelt it as soon as the door was opened. The smell of pee. His flaccid cock jerked slightly as his nostrils filled with the aroma that his bedwetting daughter had created; a smell that had enticed him every morning since she had returned. He glanced at the open bed and saw two small wet stains on the white cotton sheets.

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Her diaper overflowed! He stepped over to her bed and reverently placed his face just about the wet stains and inhaled deeply. His cock began to erect as he breathed in the heady aroma of her urine.

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But this was not the only reason he was in her room. There were other treasures to be found there. Alan went to the foot of her bed and opened the lid to her white plastic diaper pail.

My diaper story

A broad smile erupted on his face as he beheld the treasure. He lifted the wet diaper, still inside the clear large plastic pants Melissa had worn over them and noted by the weight, that she had wet very heavily that night. He pulled the sodden diaper out of the plastic pants and excitedly laid it open on her bed. He refolded the diaper a tiny bit larger and then stared longingly at the centre of the sodden material.

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It was that portion of the diaper that had caressed her pussy for ten hours; that material that had first received her uncontrolled night wetting. Alan was almost jealous of the diaper. It spent all of its useful life up close to the part of his daughter that he had never even seen. He didn't count the two diaper changes he had been conned into when Melissa was not even one year old.

His daughter's pussy now haunted him like a dream just beyond his reach. He carefully stepped up onto the bed and slowly lowered himself onto the wet diaper.

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As soon as his backside touched it, his cock went to full length and began to throb. He laid back, picked up two pins and expertly pinned his daughter's diaper onto himself. Grabbing a pair of his own plastic pants, he pulled them up his legs and quickly encased the diaper in their protective grasp.

He was too big to fit safely into Melissa's pants; he had torn a pair the first morning after she had arrived. He was ecstatic as he sat in her urine loaded diaper. Then, with a big smile on his face, he released his bladder. Piss flooded into the already soaked material, totally filling it and forming a pool in the plastic pants.

He leant over and picked up the pair of Melissa's worn panties from the top of her laundry basket and held the gusset to his nose and breathed deeply.

Diaper stories

His head swooned as the sweet, erotic smell of his daughter's pussy filled his nostrils. The aroma caused his pulse to quicken and his cock to harden. He turned and laid face down in his daughter's bed.

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The overfilled diaper leaked immediately and a flood of piss flowed out underneath him and onto the sheets below. The thick plastic protector saved the mattress but the bed itself was awash. With his face breathing deeply into the panties he began to slowly hump the sodden diaper.

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Alan Bartholomew gradually picked up speed as he fucked the wet diaper with long sensuous strokes. As the strong smell of his daughter's pussy aroused him even more, he visualised that it wasn't a diaper he was fucking; rather that it was Melissa's deep silky cunt he was stroking into.

He could smell it, he could taste it.

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But he had never seen, never mind fucked, the pussy he lusted after so badly. It didn't take long. It never did.

Three diapers

After a few minutes of enthusiastic thrusting, Alan's generous sized manhood erupted and splattered the inside of Melissa's diaper with copious squirts of his semen. Orgasmic pleasure rippled throughout his body from his head to his toes. Masturbation was never anywhere as near as powerful as it was when he made love to his daughter's diaper and panties. The pleasure was so powerful it overwhelmed him and he just lay there, immobile, waiting for the pleasure to evaporate, lest he move and diminish the magic. The first time he had performed this ritual — two days after she had arrived — Alan had immediately jumped up, taken the diaper off and sworn he would never repeat his disgusting act.

But the next morning he repeated it. The drive was just too strong.

Three diapers

The attraction was far too intense. The sexual desire for the diapers, the damp panties, and most of all, for Melissa's pussy, was just too strong to ignore. This morning, he laid there satisfied and happy for over ten minutes. In his mind he had just made love to his daughter in her own wet bed.

It was the heady stuff of wishes and dreams.