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By KrazyitoJanuary 19, in UI. Hello, I am trying to get an icon to show up when the debuff I have on my current target has certain time remaining.

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Recent Blue Posts 18 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Weak Auras Memory usage. I think it was considered to be lighter addon the Power Auras. I know Cpu usage show the true value of PC effort but i guess it scales in somehow with mb memory usage. So am i right?

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Which means i should go back to powerauras? Sry if statment seems quite stupid. Reply With Quote.

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The fact is that auras are updated dynamically. I use a very underdog addon, OzAuras. During fights anyway it goes up to 3MB due to the trackers activated. It's a standard behavior - you can't do much about that.

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Weakauras options is not required for your auras to work. It's responsible for a large chunk of the memory usage, so just disable it after you're done configuring. It should help a lot.

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Well im configuring Ui alot even while in raid when resting etc so disabling options wont fit for me but i can try the reload UI even if i rember doing that yesterday and not working. I would switch to lightweight addons like OzAuras but i dont know lua scripting etc. Originally Posted by Deemaxm.

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My. Remember Me? Need an ? Register Now. Is it as cumbersome? I don't have beta access, but I've been doing some reading. Looks like the spec is moving forward in the enjoyment department, but I'm sure this is subjective. The Demonic Empowerment removal sounds great, but it actually wasn't my primary concern with the spec. Demon tracking Is there currently an equal incentive to keep track of your demon duration?

Will I have to make an assortment of Weak Auras in order to optimize and monitor my demon up-time?

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Based on my reading, it looks like there still is, although not as much as live. Although maybe this is fixed with the Demonic Core mechanic? Anyone with beta access willing to shed some on light on this? You have timers for your demons under your health bar. Been there since Legion. I actually didn't know it was a built in feature, I've just been making my own Weak Auras. Well I guess that confirms you need to keep track of them in some fashion.

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Originally Posted by Feida. When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like injustice. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media. Services My. Resources Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. by Fandom. And i was ificantly puzzled regarding explosive potential and implosion.

Basically, my main doubt is:. Is there a practical way to know how much energy my imps have?

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The standard blizz UI allows you to know how many imps you have, but that is not exactly useful, as iirc the actual damage is determined by the total energy they have. Same for demonic consumption. Is there a point in stressing about maximizing implosion damage in ST situations?

No real point in having a fancy WeakAura for Implosion anymore as the button shows stacks now and those stacks can be tracked by a really basic WeakAura that anybody can make. Having imp energy trackers just adds more visual noise to an already cluttered UI. You only do it for the buff.

You can technically squeeze out more, but the gains are quite diminishing as the first three imps will be on low energy a lot of the time depends on Soulshard refund procs and Demonic Cores. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Demonology warlock questions Classes. Pocman-zuljin May 7,pm 1. Basically, my main doubt is: Is there a practical way to know how much energy my imps have? Any useful weak auras? Wutever-outland May 8,pm 2. If anyone has any tips or pointers on Demo pvp, let me know.

I got tips on how to maximize your demonic consumption buff. The tyrant gains buff depending on the energy the imps he consumed had. The ideal set up is 2 3shards HoGs, you wanna do this by getting 5 shards, then either soulstriking or instant demonbolt into another HoG. That gives you 6 imps, the first 3 imps will have used alil Demonic empowerment weak aura the 2nd set of imps should be full energy and then you can get extra imps from inner demon that can be hard to time in the heat of battle. Is the demonic tyrant build still even the go-to?

Is it still good after that? But hell if I know, I just hit on my lock and am on an information search myself. Same rotation. Same of shards. Same of imps. Some one needs to either make or give me a weak auras that tells me how much Imp energy I have in play at a given time. But, I have not had much practice timing that with stuns. Usually when I am in a world PVP situation I have my pets in a defensive stance so that when I am attacked my felguard attacks with out me having to attack the target.

But, if I have my pets on assist and I am attacked and stunned…then my felguard does not come to my defense. But, I have no idea if my pet stance effects imp attacking or not attacking. But, yea if you can break combat somehow your imps do hold energy. But, a weak auras would really be helpful. I did on one practice Demonic empowerment weak aura get around k…again a lot of inconsistency because it was with the same build and with the same of imp and with the same rotation.

So a weak auras for this would really be nice. No level of creative or personal development. I personally love them, and he has tracking for imp energy. But, it would seem to me that blizzard has a thing in the code that limits the amount of dmg the tyrant will do. Because, with the new weakauras I was able to monitor how many imps I had active at one time and at one point I had 9 imps active when I summoned my demonic Tyrant and even though my Demonic Tyrant was boosted to percent.

I still only did k total dmg.

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I was hitting for about 18k per tick. The reason I say there has to be a hidden thing somewhere in the code is because I did the same over all dmg with my tyrant a few pulls prior with my demonic Tyrant boosted at percent. It seems to me something is up with that. But, rising sun kick will only tick once. I have done a of pulls with and with out inner demons and I have only hit 20k per tick and I only did it once.