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It all started because I jerk off too much. Every night, I would retreat to the basement after my wife, Kate, would go to bed early.

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in. I thought a lot about that as well prior to my agreement. Nothing too harsh in my mind prior to ever implementing any sort of physical punishment. The first two that I had in mind from the start before agreeing or even formalizing my terms were easy. As it turns out both are quite severe so a lot of my expanded options are far less harsh. I bought some serious steel restraints and additional accessories so that I could pretty much lock hubby in various uncomfortable spots without having to supervise him.

I still use this as a harsh punishment from time to time but not frequently. That was a good decision from the start. That second punishment I had in mind has come in useful and is far more severe than I expected. This was the one thing I went way too far on from the start.

In other words I absolutely underestimated the severity of what I used to perform the spanking. I have a few different Chastity punishment stories implements now I use them all depending on my mood. All of them are far more harsh than I originally imagined in that they take a lot less force than one would think to produce an extreme effect.

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Prior to ever actually having spanked anyone ever two things came to mind. First was that I would cause myself more pain using my hand and produce an absolutely zero real punishment on hubby that way. It seemed laughable, in fact even the word spanking seemed laughable, so did the word paddle. The paddles I saw either looked heavy for me, or silly, or both.

I decided to go with a stick. I was shocked you could buy this kind of thing on Amazon but you can.

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I got a few different kinds as I had no clue what I was doing. I even got a leather two strand whip, nothing crazy as I have no idea how to use anything super long this was a handle with two strands of leather about two feet long each. I probably went overboard as I ordered eight variations. I never showed any of them to hubby.

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The first time he saw one was the first time I used it. I used a single bamboo cane Chastity punishment stories was about three feet long for the very first spanking I administered. I had it all planned out even before all the terms were sorted. I would use the restraints to that I completely controlled the spanking. No moving out of the way, no stopping it before I was done. Without the restraints I could never have actually controlled my husband, he could stop any time he wanted to. As it turns out my very first stroke was on the severe side of the spectrum for the long bamboo cane.

My husband let out a yelp and instantly a red mark appeared that got darker by the second. My advice for women is to use something similar but go really slow, maybe a half swing instead of a full and not super fast until you get a feel for it. I can be calm, cool, and collected without breaking a sweat and produce extreme — perfect. I guessed right even if for the wrong reasons about those two simple punishments. Neither are a joke and hubby most of the time prefers a spanking to a long time out.

Sometimes I let him choose which brings us to the humiliation part.

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Used correctly punishment Chastity punishment stories humiliation work together and are very linked by their nature. I think that is mean and abusive and absolutely unnecessary. Is there sexuality involved in punishment and humiliation that I am going to discuss? The difference with us is that it means something completely different. As I said I never threaten punishment, I implement it so those innocuous words are interpreted very differently by hubby than any audience.

The very first violation of my terms was of course, as predicted, hubby bringing up the whole chastity thing. I did indulge him as if it were a clinical discussion, sort of like those we had while I was testing and failing at finding a suitable chastity device. I played along — let me see. Nope no blisters, no marks, not even a of irritation. Why do you want out? A bunch of hmmm, ummm and pretty much he just was wondering. I of course informed him he was in violation of my terms and would be punished — he said never mind.

What do you mean normal? Of course I knew where this was going and I wanted to humiliate him.

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I wanted him to admit it. In fact there was a deep seated anger in me about it and what I imagined to be him masterbating while fantasizing about other women, probably some I know, probably some he works with. What good is an erection without sex?

It turns out I really was mad about his masterbation when I started to think about it. Then I got Chastity punishment stories idea, he was going to get a punishment that was for sure, he voilated one of my terms that was most important to me when this started and I was still early on — on that track to be done with this forever. I made him a deal. The deal was that I enforce his chastity and I had a way of helping him to know if he really wanted to jerk off when he felt like he had to. The deal was I would allow him an erection if he asked, he could only ask one time a month if he was feeling really frustrated and felt he really needed to.

There was a catch. I would restrain him and give him a spanking for this. If he really needed to jerk-off I would consider it if he still had an erection when I the spanking was over.

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I offered him this right now since he was going to be punished for violating our agreement anyway. I gave him a choice of a time-out in the basement or being unlocked and allowed an erection with a spanking. Of course he went for the spanking. I think he was excited more about the spanking and having that fantasy wife-dominatrix than he was about the erection.

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Just what I wanted at the time, this will not work out the way he thinks. Truth be told his erection was meager compared to before enforced chastity. After restraining him in a good postion with his bare ass as my target, I teased him a little bit. He got a bit more excited when I came back with that bamboo cane with leather grip.

Two more strokes that were not nearly as severe as the first on and his meager erection was gone. I stopped spanking for a minute. He was actually a little out of breath and only three strokes. I said sorry for what? Sorry for violating my terms? Sorry for wanting to masterbate? Sorry for masterbating when you could any time you wanted?

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I gave him another stroke. He wasn't expecting that and let out something between a yelp and a whimper. Just becasue your tiny penis is flaccid? It really surprised me that he thought that was it. I said… Maybe you should have asked exactly what a spanking was.

I gave him another whack and asked him to guess what a spanking was by my definition.

Exploring male chastity lifestyle

He of course said five, he had five. I said guess again with another slap. He said ten.