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Copyright Story codes: Mg 10first. I was laying in bed, working off my "morning wood," when I heard a creak on the stairs. My wife's brother and his family were visiting us for the weekend and they'd all left early for a day of shopping at the mall, and since I was home alone I was taking no precautions with my, um, activity. Before I even had a chance to react to the noise, my ten year old niece, Steffi, walked in through the open bedroom door.

Oh, shit! I quick covered my nethers with the newspaper that was laying on the bed, but not before the girl got a good look at me sitting there with my hands wrapped around my cock and my balls Cervix penetration stories for the world to see. She was still grinning. I thought maybe you'd want some coffee. She turned around so I could pull my boxers on, then she handed me a mug and sat down on the bed and took a drink from hers.

Sipping my coffee, my nerves settled a little.

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She looked at me over her coffee, her hazel eyes twinkling with delight at having found me in such a compromised situation. She looked, I must say, incredibly cute. She is a terribly beautiful girl, tall and thin and gangly and a vision of pre-adolescent loveliness, all legs and arms. She was wearing a cute little nightie with cartoon characters on it, thin enough that I could see, quite clearly, the shape of her puffy little nipples standing up, just barely, from her chest. And although the bottom of the shirt covered her panties, she had nothing else on, and her long tanned legs, bare and so wonderfully exposed, were causing a stirring in my aching cock, mercifully flaccid from my earlier embarrassment, but to my horror awakening again at the sight of her.

Cupping her coffee mug with both hands, she sat up "indian style," cross-legged, on my bed, such that the bottom of her nightie lifted up, and my eyes were instinctively drawn Cervix penetration stories between her legs. Now, I don't know what kind of panties ten year old girls these days are wearing, but I couldn't believe what she had on.

Cervix penetration stories

They were little pink things, tight up against her and so small they really didn't cover her naughty parts--reddish little puffy lips peeked out from either side of the crotch. It was inevitable, of course, that this vision caused me to get instantly hard again. She knew what was going on; she knew what I was looking at and she noticed immediately the tent that had raised in my boxers. Cervix penetration stories never seen a boner before, I mean, not in real life at least. I mean, except for just a couple minutes ago," she grinned, "but that hardly counts 'cause I hardly saw anything.

The girl'd already pretty much seen my shit anyway. So I fished my shaft out of my fly and then just sat there and let her look. She stared at it, grinning broadly, while she sipped her coffee. After a few seconds, she lay down on her side, still grinning at me. Even when you don't have a boner it's pretty big, isn't it? Like your balls or whatever. Your balls are pretty big, too, right? Oh, fuck. So I sat up on my knees and pulled my boxers down, then lifted my shaft up so the girl got a good view of my rocks.

She was just grinning and staring right at them. I decided right then, for better or for worse, to go for broke. The girl watched in grinning fascination as I started beating my meat, just sitting there on my knees in front of her and whacking away. As you could imagine, I was pretty much already ready to explode. The excitement in her voice at the prospect of watching a grown man shoot off in front of her was more than I could take, and I started orgasming right then. My legs were shaking and instinctively I started rocking my hips back and forth and Cervix penetration stories pushed them forward, just as if I were shoving deep into the young girl's cunt, and the first shot of come fired out of me.

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I didn't really mean to come on the girl, but it was a big ass shot and she was just right in front of me so it landed, with an audible splat, right on her cute little belly. I tried to turn, to aim the next shot away from her, but it only made it worse as a really huge wad shot out of me with amazing force and landed with a long streak starting at her shoulder and down over her chest. She squealed in delight. Thankfully the next couple of shots were smaller and while a bit may have hit her, they mainly landed on the bedsheets in front of her.

And then to my amazement, she simply sat up on her knees and pulled the nightie off. She gave me a little smile as she saw me looking at her bare breasts; well, "breasts" isn't really the right word--they were just little dollops of creamy pink nipples standing Cervix penetration stories from her chest, and no more than a hint of soft flesh beginning to bud underneath them, holding the puffy nipples up just a little bit.

She used the nightie to wipe off a bit of come that had soaked through the thin fabric, then handed it to me with a coy little smile. I climbed off the bed, still bottomless, and was surprised to see my little guy already at half-mast again. I fished one of my shirts out of the closet and as I walked back to hand it to her, I was fully erect and she was grinning as she stared at my "boner.

‘cervix penetration’ stories

She looked absolutely adorable as we cleaned up after breakfast, the tails of my shirt covering her panties well enough but still giving me a wonderful view of those fabulous long girlish legs. More than once I felt my guy begin to swell again, and a couple times he made his way out of the fly of my boxers and she grinned at the sight of him. But, I knew it was a bad idea. A very bad idea. Heck, what had already transpired that morning would get me five to ten, if I was lucky. Let's don't go there! Maybe my guilt would be assuaged a bit if she were the one that suggested it.

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It was obvious she wanted me to suggest something more. I was hard as a rock as I went down to put her nightie in the dryer, thinking about the prospects of taking a shower with little Steffi. She hadn't actually suggested it but I knew it was what she meant. I didn't even try to hide my erection as I came back upstairs, and she was staring at it with her sweet little smile.

I took her by the hand and led her up to the bathroom, then started the shower. Then I took off my shirt and dropped my boxers. The young girl was staring at my rock hard cock. But despite her nervousness, she started unbuttoning my shirt, then took it off, revealing her precious little buds again. Then she shimmied out of her little panties and the sweet ten year old was naked. She just stood there for a moment and let me admire her.

Her long legs were so beautiful, thin and tan. She had no hips to speak of, which made her look quite young, just a girl, just a little filly, and while she had her legs together, I could see the top of the cleft of her pussy and the pale skin of her little clit. She had no pubic hair, not even a little bit, she was completely bare. I raised my Cervix penetration stories and admired her adorable little budding breasts, such sweet little girlish bumps. I took her hand and we climbed into the shower together. A second later, my hands were all over her, soaping up her little breasts, then "cleaning" her down between her legs.

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She was hesitant to touch me, so I handed her the bar of soap and led her hands down to my cock. It was thrilling to watch the young girl clean my penis. She was cautious and careful but obviously enthralled. She lifted my shaft and ran the soap over my balls, then I took the soap from her and she simply touched me, felt me, for a while. I reached down between her legs and started fingering her clit, and she looked up at me with a nervous little smile.

Then I moved into her, bending at the knees and directing the head of my cock in between her legs. She put her hands on my sides and looked up at me as I started rubbing her clit with my head. I kissed her on the forehead as I directed my cock back between her legs. She nodded, looking up at me with sweet wide doe Cervix penetration stories.

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This time, my head didn't linger at her clitoris; I directed him down and into the folds of her vagina. Gripping my cock tightly with one hand, I put my other hand on the small of her back to act as a counterbalance, and I pushed into her.

She gasped, I pushed harder. She let out a little sound, a moan or a cry, and I used all of the force my hands could muster to push even harder into her and I felt her hymen Cervix penetration stories to tear. She was holding herself tight against me, her hands around my back and her fingernails digging into my shoulderblades, her little baby breasts pushed against my chest, her face pressed hard into my neck.

I heard, and felt, her moan again as I pushed hard into her one more time, feeling my cockhead burrow into her, past the remains of her violated maidenhead. Then, having succeeded at taking the girl's virginity, I pulled my cock out of her. Still holding me tightly, she looked up at me with her doe eyes, big and wide. It was hard to tell in the shower, but I thought I saw little tears welling.

But she just nodded.

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I grabbed a washcloth and wiped off her privates. Then I wiped her blood off my head, and directed him down into the cleft of her vagina again. This time I burrowed fairly easily into her until I felt her tight pussy clamping around my entire head, and I pushed in deeper, burrowing even further into the glorious unexplored territory of her pre-adolescent vagina.