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Showing 5 entries. Title Author Summary. Showing 50 entries. Our Sons And Daughters Part Drop 8 of their teenagers from other dimensions on their laps, of course. History With Tristan. Tristan gets bored in history class and has lunch with Paige. A girl from Aiden's dimension shares her secrets. White Flag. Buffy and Angel's fairytale romance ends. The trials and tribulations of a relationship in the public eye, as well as the pride that gets in between these 2 individuals.

Wolf Pack. In a universe where werewolves silently rule the world with their power and mysteriousness, a lone wolf gains the leadership of an unbeatable pack. Dark Beauty Part 1 - Angelus is a vampire, and he has no desire for knowing anything but the darkness that surrounds him from day to day.

It is never over — what about the story with angelus in the cage and

Until he meets the daughter of Hank Summers, that is. Now he's torn between letting beautiful Buffy live her life as it should be: perfect.

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Or giving in to his urges and stealing her away in the night, to be his eternal mate. Drown In Me Part 1 - 5.

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Guard My Heart Part 1 - Angelus, working reluctantly at Angel Investigations in Los Angeles, is hired by an even more reluctant Rupert Giles; the legal guardian of orphan Buffy Summers after Buffy's absent father dies, and leaves Buffy a string of debts to pay with her flesh and blood. Reluctant to babysit and act as a 'bodyguard' to a snivelling teenager, Angelus agrees at the requests of his money-hungry co-workers, to atleast meet Buffy, and upon meeting her he instantly claims her heart as his own. But can the two find it in themselves to put pride aside, and let their mutual desires fuel their existence together?

Love Of The Past Part 1.

Everyone has a past But what happens when the past of Buffy Summers, the gorgeous, glamorous President's daughter, comes back to find her? Especially when that past arrives in the shape of a mysterious stranger? Passions To Wed Buffy wakes, and Angelus has decided to act as Angel to get Buffy to run back to his mansion in Ireland with him to be married forever Only one problem.

Buffy wants her friends to come with.

It is never over — what about the story with angelus in the cage and

How will Angelus deal with Xander for a few weeks? Angel couldn't even deal with Xander for a few minutes! Sensual Obsession Part 1 - 5.

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Left all alone at her uncle's mansion in Sunnydale, California, for the summer: Buffy Summers discovers that there's more to herself than she originally thought. Especially when she stumbles upon a story of a vampire named Angelus.

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The essence of the dark prince, surrounds her now. But what happens when Angelus discovers that Buffy is the mate he has been searching for, for the last few hundred years? Teasing and Smut shall ensue. But who will break first? Treacherous Love. There she meets Angelus, the son of rich, powerful William D'Aestas, and both have awful reputations.

Should she trust her heart and follow what it tells her? Or should she listen to what she's been told, and stay away from Angelus And the danger that follows him. Wife For A Day. Jilted by his fiance just hours before his sister's engagement party, Angelus D'Aestas needs a solution. No, all he really needs is a substitution, so his sister's big night isn't ruined. But where can he find a believable fiance, in just a few hours? Fate has a way of working things out on its own.

That's The Whole Point.

No demons, vampires, or any other evil. Angel is normal. Buffy is normal.

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And life is normal. Yeah, normal, right. Nothing's ever normal where our beloved couple is concerned. Stay tuned and you'll see what I mean.

Now, with that said here's the deal. Eighteen year old Buffy Summers falls for rich Angel O'Conner, but she has a secret that may tear them apart. Mo Anam Chara. Angel Investigations has a new neighbor and Connor feels there is definitely something off.

Soon he and his father find out what.

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What if Buffy had gone with Angel to hide The Judge's arm? My version of Deep Down. Let Me Let Go. I grabbed a pen and this is what came out. Nobody Knows It But Me. It's Angel's turn. Soul Balm. Stars indicate actual dialogue taken from that episode. After Rain of Fire. Angelus is not, NOT a happy camper. He's not too pleased with what Angel's been doing lately and let's everyone know that.

Set in a future where humanity has taken a nose dive, and it's a kill or be killed world plagued with poverty and nasty things waiting around every corner to harm you.

Angelus stories

Buffy is a bounty hunter, known for her beauty, strength, agility, and cunningness. She has something akin to slayer strength, but it's not the PTB that gives her supernatural power, it's the beast that rages within her.

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Angel's back from Hell, no one knows, things happen, but not the way you think. If this sounds familiar to you, it really isn't the same as the show. Master of Tactics: The Sacrifice of Enrique. Angel decides on a plan of action. First in a serie. Master of Tactics: Misdirections. Angel goes to Sunnydale. You can't expect a man to just stand by, can you?

Buffy and Angel get frisky in the library. But is someone watching? After Surprise so I'm watching FX reruns. There's no happiness clause. A Night At The Bronze. A Night At Xander's. Will Buffy and Angel find their way back to each other in the future? After The End. Buffy POV. Far future. After the End of Days. Rather on the fluffy side. Alt future piece.

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Angelus wanted nothing more than to break Buffy. He had no idea what he was wishing for.