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About me

Let me first tell you about myself. My name is Mike and I am currently sixty-four years old and married to a very fine woman for the past fifty years. I stand over six feet tall and weigh around two-hundred-sixty pounds.

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My wife, Cathy, is the same age and no longer believes we need physical contact in our marriage. She has felt this way for about ten years and so I am very frustrated. About five years ago she hired a new secretary who was younger than she normally considers and nothing short of perfect in all ways.

She was great at work and she was beautiful as well.

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Her name was Debbie and she was twenty-seven years old. Her husband, Jim, is an attorney and never seems to be there for her.

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She was confused and asked my wife for some advice. Cathy came home and asked me if she gave the best answer, she could and I started to feel sorry for Debbie. She did love him but her desire to be a mother was getting to her. She also indicated they would not go through the messy process of In vitro. She wanted to conceive the natural way but Jim would not agree with who they would ask. Debbie felt he was very insecure and worried it would harm his promotion at work.

I have never cheated on Cathy but I really got turned on thinking I could help them out. I told Cathy my idea to be the surrogate father but that it had to be done on my terms. She was not happy with my idea but after some more talking, she seemed to feel it might work.

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The next day she asked Debbie if they had considered anyone outside of their friends and family. My wife said she understood but never said anything about me being willing to help. Cathy was talking to some coworkers and I went to get another drink.

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As I was getting my drink, I heard someone enter the front door. Looking up I saw Debbie enter and she looked amazing dressed in shorts and a tank top. She saw me looking at her and smiled. He decided to go with his friends to a bar to watch the big football game.

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I was hoping he would come to meet some of the male spouses, but he has been very distant since we are having some issues. Sorry, Cathy told me since she asked my opinion on how she could help you guys. I was concerned she had asked me this but looking at her I knew she was worried that their issues were public knowledge.

Cathy was just getting my opinion as she was very concerned for you. We have two kids, grown now, but she does understand the joy you want to feel, we both do. Debbie stepped back and still had a look of shock on her face. I could tell she was trying to process what she had just heard but had no idea how to respond. I just watched her ass as she left me standing there by the door.

Looking away I saw my wife staring at me with a very worried look on her face.

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I knew I needed to do some damage control and make sure she knew what I had said to Debbie. She nodded her head and told her colleagues she would be back in a few minutes.

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She followed me out the front door as we tried to find someplace private to chat in the front yard. As soon as we got outside, she started right into me. She told me he was with friends drinking beer and watching the football game instead of coming here with her. She informed me she had no idea what I was talking about.

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So, I just told her I had volunteered to help her out if she wanted me to do so. Cathy turned to look back at the house and I was wondering how long she would be mad at me. I am just a little jealous about you sleeping with another woman.

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Do you think Debbie will agree with that? Wait, why the hell do you want to watch us? Do you want to be with her as much as I do?

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In some of our past playtime, Cathy has told me how much she would like to experience woman-on-woman sex. Does this have to do with your desire to have lesbian sex sometime in your life? I see her every day and when she wears her short skirts and tight blouses, I get so wet.

Now we need to get back to the party and I will talk to her tomorrow at work. The next day I was so wishing I could text Cathy to see what Debbie had said but I knew that would only add to the turmoil in my stomach if she said no way to either of us.

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When she got home, I met her at the door with a glass of white wine and told her to sit while I finished dinner. She smiled at me and kissed my cheek as she kicked off her heels and put her feet up on the couch. About ten minutes later I went back to the living room to find her asleep, so I touched her shoulder and she looked up at me and smiled. I had everything on the table, steaks, baked potatoes, vegetables, and some bread.

Oh yes, more wine as well. Cathy looked at me before she answered. She was very shocked, especially when I said I wanted to be a part of it as well, both watching and participating. She continued to eat and smiled at me as well. After we were both done eating, she helped me clean up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. We both got another drink and went to sit for a while on the back porch. The next day I was again a nervous wreck at work, wondering if Cathy would say anything to Debbie or if she would just let it go. He said ok and let me go. On the way home, I called Cathy but had to leave a message for her.

I drove home and made myself a drink, a double whiskey, to try to calm my nerves. Will that satisfy you, Stud? You have never told me about this side of you and I really want to help you experience it. I can do that without you fucking her, you know. Now, let me take care of it and I will tell you about it tonight when I get home. Ok, you win, Breed my wife stories will try to finish some work while I wait.

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I sat there looking at my phone like it was going to call her back on its own. About three hours later I heard the garage door open and knew Cathy was finally home. Cathy about fell when she saw me standing there with a glass of wine for her when she walked in. She smiled and took the wine walking on into the house without saying a word. I just stood there staring at her.

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You know damn well what I am waiting to hear from you. Did you talk to Debbie? I am going to watch the news until you say you have everything laid out for supper. By the way, what did you bring home for us?

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Then I heard the doorbell and went to the front door. There standing in the doorway was Debbie with Chinese carryout. I nodded and stepped aside so Debbie could enter our home. Before I shut the door, I looked outside to see if Jim was with her. I hope that is ok with you.