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What is my age: 43
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But the more comfortable I am the more I will enjoy it. The sour task is the 'vinegar' from the vaginal discharge, but yes I find the lemon like taste as well.

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Girls give bj's and hj's all the time, but I haven't once in my life had a guy who will get on his knees for me without asking for something in return. It doesn't seem fair. Is it just me? What are your opinions? Also, I'm relatively young, so the guys I've been with are probably just young and selfish. Thank you for the responses! Keep em coming.

My boyfriend goes down on me all the time and doesn't expect sex, he says he just really likes to do it and it turns him on. In fact Sunday morning he went down on me and then just left for work, didn't want anything in return so he would be thinking about how bad he wants me and then he came home and fucked my brains out after his shift. Just thinking about it has me all turned on now hah.

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I feel like if my partner doesn't get off at least once by the end of sexy times, I haven't done my job. I know that isn't necessarily true but it's how I feel. I have used un-reciprocated oral sex to achieve this I was too drunk to maintain an erection. I didn't expect anything in return since frankly i couldn't feel my damn dick at the time, it would have been wasted effort. My husband does this same kind of thing.

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He loves to see me get mine, and it's a fun way to heighten the tension for both of us. I wish my man would do that! We trade off, he eats me, I blow him Morning sex is my favourite. Guy here. I'm the same. There are times where I just really feel like going down on my wife with no expectation of anything in return.

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Only difference is, she's not really into oral so I practically have to beg her to let me eat her out. It sounds like you may still be young, which means that eating out women is probably not as "normal" because blowjobs are normalized in society early on, whereas eating out isn't. Either way, it's likely that you're just not old enough to have encountered a mature and giving partner.

I agree with this; I am young. Hopefully it'll get better.

My boyfriend eating me out?

I just hate having to ask for it when going down on a guy when, for me, is automatic. I want to know that the man I'm with has a desire to please me, as I do him. I want to feel appreciated and loved. Some do, some rarely do, and some never do. The same is true in reverse. Anyone who wants to receive and isn't willing to give, is an asshole.

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So, we should force partners who don't enjoy receiving oral sex into it. Isn't that called sexual assault? When I'm the sub we sometimes switch up the rolls he will often stay clothed, play with me in various ways until I can't cum anymore and takes nothing for himself even when I beg for it. Then we eat pizza.

My boyfriend eating me out?

Sometimes sushi. Or Kraft Dinner mmmmm.

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Found the internet! Has a guy ever eaten you out for no reason, without asking for anything else? Sort by: best. Continue this thread. This would be the one of the best starts to any morning. That is so special. My jealousy knows no bounds right now. Girls give bj's and hj's all the time Some do, some rarely do, and some never do.

Edit: clarification.

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