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The author "Nathan" posted many a tale on the old Eunuch. This is one of the few that I've taken the opportunity to rework and edit into a longer story. I hope that you enjoy it!

The coffee shop collection

War Crimes. Based on an original story by Nathan, posted As I entered what I thought was an empty barracks, Ball squeezing stories caught them both in the act. Well, technically, I caught them just after the act, as she had already put on her knee-length shift, and the shirtless young Marine was just finishing the process of stuffing what looked to be a very large prick back into his fatigue pants. They both looked shocked, guilty even, as I stepped into the room.

The young Private instinctively acted to protect the young woman, who huddled behind the large soldier, grasping one of his brawny arms with both of her dainty, slender hands and poking her head around the side of his bare, muscular shoulder. The Marine Private was no more than a year or so older than his pretty young lover, but he was built like a man, and he stared back at me with manly defiance.

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But what can you expect when you take these young boys away from home, drop them in the middle of some war-torn foreign country, give them a gun, and tell them they are men. Then the enemy starts shooting the hell out of them, and who can blame them when they try and hump the first pussy they see once the bullets stop flying. But God, they were both so damned young! She sure was a pretty little thing, I had to grant him that.

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Absolutely gorgeous, in fact! Exquisitely shapely of form and with a stunningly beautiful face.

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It was no wonder that Private Bradley Snyder had fallen in love with her. Then again, the young lad was extremely handsome in his Ball squeezing stories right, with the kind of square-jawed good looks of some Hollywood matinee idol. And with his close-cropped blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and powerfully muscled build, he looked like a walking, breathing recruitment poster for the Marines. Yeah, it was no wonder that these two love birds had fallen for each other. There was just too MUCH of it! Man, the kid must have been saving up his spunk for months to nut that big!

I could also see a few small streaks of blood mixed with all of that thick and chunky cum, and I was convinced that the young Marine had indeed told me the truth, that the two of them had never had sex before today, and that Sun had been a virgin until a very short while ago. Hell, for all I knew, Private Brad Snyder may have been a virgin as well! We were supposed to be moving out tomorrow for the front line once again, and sure-as-shit I needed every man I had.

‘ball squeezing’ stories

He was young, sure, but he was still old enough to know better. Battle can be a tremendous strain, even for seasoned veterans such as myself, and the need for relief and home and the feelings of love and companionship can be confusing and even overwhelming. I figured the lust and hormones had taken over their brains, and things had just gone from there the way they do sometimes. But then she suddenly looked up and met my gaze, courage blazing in her defiant and lovely brown eyes. They were both still kids in so many ways, but I needed him on the front line. I shrugged my shoulders and decided then and there to let it go.

I spun around, and the burly form of the Captain was standing in the doorway. It was obvious the Captain was taking it all in, figuring it out, and for a second I realized he suspected I might have been a part of it. Private, what the FUCK were you thinking!?! Damn, but the young Private was a brave one, I had to hand him that! The weeks of boot camp and follow up training, however, had shaped and grown and hewn his athletic young body Ball squeezing stories muscular perfection. He had a powerful chest, wide rounded shoulders, and thickly muscled arms that screamed with raw power, which looked even larger when compared to his narrow chiseled waist.

Deeply etched lines defined his flat, corrugated stomach, looking like twin columns of stacked cobblestones. In fact, all of his exposed muscles rippled with extraordinary definition, for the lad seemed to have almost zero body fat anywhere on his body.

Yee and I are in love and intend to be married. She has turned 18 today, and I have drafted a written request for permission to wed her. That letter is on my bunk, and I had intended to submit that letter to you today, Sir. I had no idea what sort of response the Captain wanted. It was clearly consensual sex between two barely legal adults, for chrissakes! But if the Captain wanted, we could do the whole filing of charges, heading to trial, possible court martial thing, but shit, we had a war to win and I needed him!

We needed these boys focusing on the war, and not on wetting their own cocks. And truth be known, I just wanted to get the whole situation behind us so we could go on and get the job done and win this war. If the kid got prosecuted by a military tribunal, then he was potentially in for a lot worse than a thrashing, so I figured I could use him as an example and still keep him out of the brig, or worse, being dishonorably discharged. The Captain was old school, though, and when I saw him smile at my suggestion, I knew that Ball squeezing stories had guessed right.

He wanted the lad to suffer a physical punishment, and be made an example of in front of the other men. Assemble the men, and prepare the Private for his punishment.

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Make damn sure you get him ready. With that, the Captain walked out, and I was left alone with the young Ball squeezing stories and the Private. Of course he came, because he had too, stoically walking across the parade grounds right behind me. His bare-chested body attracted quite a few stares from the other enlisted men and officers as we passed by, not least of which because, even though it was early autumn, it was very cold outside.

But big Brad seemed to ignore the cold, seemingly immune to the chill air as he stared straight ahead, marching to his impending punishment. Damn, I wish all of my men were as brave as Bradley Snyder. We reached the ammo shack and stepped inside the unheated building, which was filled with various boxes and containers of ammunition, everything from wooden crates containing bullets and grenades, to large metal boxes storing the mm shells for our artillery guns. There were already several men in the room, for the munitions were under hour guard, but even more men started filing in as word spread of the upcoming punishment.

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The middle of the large room was fairly clear, so I ordered a few of the other men to move the heavy wooden desk from the front entrance to the center of the room. The desk was rather low, but it was heavy and sturdy, and I knew it would serve our purposes. I had the Private stand in front of the desk and then ordered him to strip.

Clenching his jaw once again, Snyder unlaced and removed his heavy black boots, and then undid his pants and peeled them down his powerful legs. In fact, his small, coral-colored nipples had long since hardened into small, sharp points, but the handsome hunk otherwise gave no obvious physical reaction to the cold. Jesus, but the kid must have been hung huge to sport a bulge like that!

Judging from the sheer length and girth of the huge tube on man meat pointing straight down in his underwear, it looked like the kid Ball squeezing stories have still had a boner from his earlier fuck! I considered letting the lad keep his undershorts on, at least until the Captain arrived, allowing the young Marine to maintain some shred of dignity for a little while longer.

But they had to come off eventually anyway, so I ordered Snyder out of his underwear, too. He simply hooked his big thumbs into his waistband and, in one fluid motion, shucked the white undershorts to the ground. He then stood back upright and looked straight ahead, as all the men in the room got a look at the young Ball squeezing stories in all of his naked glory. God, that was a gorgeous piece the kid had! The young Marine was clearly embarrassed to be exposing his nakedness to the rest of his platoon, but the lad definitely had nothing to be ashamed of, for his young body was absolutely glorious in every way.

The men had seen a few thrashings, so in many ways they knew what to expect, and I noticed that more than a few of them were fully boned in their pants. Why does that happen when a man knows that another is going to get a bare bottom thrashing? And with a man of such exquisite proportions and mammoth endowment as Private Snyder, it almost stood to reason why so many other red-blooded young American men would throw wood at such a sight.

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Regardless, now that Bradley was totally naked except for his socks, I had several of the other grunts help me truss him up. The big blond Marine was made to face the desk and hunch over it, spreading his powerful arms out wide so that his wrists could be tied with a heavy rope to the far corners of the desk.

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In that position, his bare chest hovered a few feet over the top of the desk, and the large head of his limp cock tapped across its varnished wooden surface. Next, I had the Private spread his legs out to the sides with his knees slightly bent, and then had the men tie both his knees and his ankles to the front corners of the desk.

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His knees were spread so wide that his tight, muscular ass cheeks were spread apart as well, and I could see the rosebud of his asshole winking to the men in the room. With the young Marine bound, helpless, and totally exposed, I then took the whip off of the wall and placed it on the desk so that the Private was staring at it. I then summoned the rest of the platoon, and then waited there as they started to file in. As they entered, each of them took in the sight of the naked blond Private and the whip and the position he was in and immediately they knew what was coming.

Soon, except for the guards that were posted on the perimeter, I had all of the men under my command assembled.

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I then took the opportunity to speak. Every soldier knew the rules.

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As I lectured them, Snyder said nothing, but simply stared straight ahead, his face bright red with his humiliation and his meaty and chiseled bubble ass thrust high in the air and his legs spread, exposing his hole and his thighs and his bottom. The men were around him in a circle of sorts, some looking up at his ass, and others staring at his face and his expression. That scared me, because I had seen him angry before, and I knew he could be a ruthless and sadistic man.

I just had no idea how much he would punish this young Marine.

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The Captain had a hell of a temper, and so as I got things ready I was probably almost as nervous as was the young Private who was waiting to be disciplined. I figured the Captain might give him as much as a dozen lashes. I had seen a man get a dozen lashes once, and I thought at the time it was going to kill him, and the unfortunate solider did indeed pass out Ball squeezing stories the last lash was laid to his flesh. The whip is cruel, and it burns with a vengeance, feeling almost like a hot torch as it rips across the skin.

Further, with his big legs spread so wide apart, everything was exposed and open for the end of the whip. If the Captain wanted to, he could hit the young man anywhere he pleased, and that thought had me truly terrified. It was beyond my control at this point, however, and as I stared at that monstrously huge sac hanging there, I tried not to think of what the Captain might do.

I had laid Brad out perfectly, and he was helpless. Everything was ready.