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Log in. Adult breastfeeding forum to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Feb 9, I am just going to throw this out here. My husband wants to spice things up for himself in the bedroom and he apparently gets turned on by "adult nursing".

We do not have any children, and I have never been pregnant. I have tried other things that he wanted to do, such as other BDSM things as butt plugs, enemas, and anal sex which all failed after a few attempts. I never really could get into them.

I tried looking online to see if there were other women who have done this, and if they were just as appalled. To my surprise, they were all FOR this, and not against it. I have a mind set that this is something that should be done for a woman and her. My husband is 5 years younger than me, and maybe that has something to do with it.

Hes my best friend and I would do anything for him, but this subject is very sensitive to me because of how i feel so strongly against it.


He has consulted a lactation specialist and wants me to take some medicines and pump hours with a breast pump he bought. I dont mind the breast pump during sex, but to ask me Adult breastfeeding forum do this hours a day is just a bit much. I'm so lost. He's not a freak, and neither am I. He just has this one last fetish he wants to try. We have already had an issue earlier last year. He bought some breast enhancers which grew my breasts from a size 32B to a 36B. At first this hurt my feelings bc it made me feel as if he wasnt happy with the way i was.

But then again yea it was nice to actually grow some cleavage, and it now makes me a bit more confident. I just need to see if this adult nursing thing is more common than i think. I guess I just need advice on how to wrap my brain around this particular fetish. I dont understand it!

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ed Feb 4, It would be a lot of Adult breastfeeding forum, and if it's something you're not into, then idk. I guess I'm just into mutual stuff. I've been nursing for most of our marriage 6 years and my husband will suck on my breasts during sex and not mind the milk, and will even like it a bit if I happen to leak. There are times that I've had him help out if I was engorged as well, but I imagine it was only a turn on to him due to the breasts, not the milk.

His words "I think it's cool. So there you go. ed Nov 12, Enema fetish? Posted via Mobile Device. ed Aug 4, I think sex should be a mutual enjoyment and if you don't want to do something, then you should never have to. I am pregnant with my first and if my husband asked about adult nursing, I would immediately say no.

I am not okay with that 'fetish' and would not participate. If you want to try it to please your husband, then you can, but I never would. ed Jan 17, That is a crap load of work for something about which you feel so doubtful. Does your husband really expect you to go through all of that for his kicks? If the idea of nursing him doesn't turn you on, don't go through this. You will not feel any different nursing him while producing milk than you feel cuddling him while he pretends to be getting milk from you.

It sounds like he has a baby fetish, as in he wants to be treated as a baby.

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Different strokes I guess You seem to be highly indulgent in entertaining his sexual whims. While there is nothing wrong with this, and a lot right with this, I certainly hope you are getting as much out of your efforts to entertain him.

Enema fetish???

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Wtf again. ed Dec 1, Thoreau said:. Don't make me google it. I want to hear the details from the op. ed May 8, Do you have kids? If you do not, do you plan to have kids? If so, tell him to wait until they are born and you will nurse him then.

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I was only ever able to pump about one ounce per session. But, I nursed all three of my children until 1. Still, not something I would have ever entertained and now that they are no longer nursing and I am no longer lactating, I would NEVER take medication just to satisfy a fetish, if he had it. As far as how prevalent it is Can't remember who started it, but if you dig through the s, I am sure you will find it.

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Did she squirt poop on him? There is another thread about women squirting but I don't think they are discussing diarrhea. ed Dec 2, An enema for sexual purposes is not the same as an enema for medical purposes. In a sexual enema, it is generally associated with another level of anal sex think a more BDSM version, though it doesn't necessarily have to be.

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Usually, the receiver is already clean and bowels have been emptied appropriately before hand. There is ideally no fecal matter involved. The enema usually is milk, whereas in a medical one, saline is used.

Adult lactation relationships

It can be enjoyable if that's what you're into, but there is some risk of feces coming into contact with the giver the one who administers the enema. I'm going to say she most likely did not squirt poop on him.

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ed Nov 30, My partner throws all sorts of fetishes at me, including enema and nursing fetishes he has both, but does the enema one on his own. I don't want kids or want to have anything to do with the process of having them, so he's kind of SOL on that one. I don't care that he has the fetish, but in this case, I'm not willing to help him act on it beyond letting him pretend.

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I'm pretty indulgent with his sexual fantasies, but in this is MY body he's trying to play around with, and I'm not willing to take any kind of medication that that has no benefits beyond fulfilling his fetish. If it's not something you're into, don't do it.

Adult nursing?!?!

The enema thing I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing that. Now, I think I need brain bleach. Maricha75 said:. Thank you all for the very serious responses. Your advice is wonderful and I appreciate it. What shocked me was the things i found on google about women who support their husbands on this, and not enough of the ones like me, that find it disturbing.